My name is Mac McClung, I’m from Gate City,
Virginia and I’m committed to Georgetown University. He has an alpha male type of mentality in
the way he thinks and how he feels and he just had this moxie about him. I feel like I have a fire burning, it’s like
a blessing and a curse, I can’t stand to lose. You could see glimpses of excellence in him. He can take the basketball, go between three-four-five
guys and do some magnificent things with it. He’s just dynamic. Mac does some special things with the ball. I mean he’s hands down the most athletic person
I’ve seen with my own eyes. This kid has real, real NBA-level athleticism. He can jump out the gym. I would dare say that anybody that I know
has worked harder at his skill than him. He competes at everything. Mac has always thought of himself as just like, he thinks he’s the best, he feels like he’s the best, and he’s actually one of the
few kids who actually can say that stuff and he really doesn’t mind playing up against anybody. That’s not just, his MO is if you good, I
want to be where you are. If you’re better than me, I want to prove
I’m better than you. He just carries that attitude about him. You know it’s not that I’m ranked or certain things that gives me that chip, I was just born with it. Mac heart is really bigger than his height. Everything that he embraced, he pretty much conquered. He’ll challenge anybody. We have confirmed Mac McClung is now the all-time
career scoring leader in Virginia boys basketball history. The kid is, is, he’s special. Like this kid has a chance to be special. An average size kid, that happens to be like
one of the most athletic people in the world. Gate City’s history is mostly a football town. Football of course, he was a football player, yeah. Football to me, you know everybody talks about
Mac’s dunking and his ability to jump. His ability to make a cut and separate himself
from a defensive back is even more impressive to me than some of the dunks that he does. I kind of like the dunks, but. He was All-State with 17 receiving touchdowns. The seventh grade basketball coach, who is his current coach now, said hey Mac, why don’t you come out. I had seen Mac going up and down the hallways.
I’d watch him play some little league football, but I’d never seen him play basketball, but
I knew he was a good little athlete and so I remember saying, “Hey why don’t you come
out and you know, try our little league and see if you like it.” He was real impressed that the high school
coach had come to him and asked him to consider a sport that he didn’t really play very much. I just remember his mom coming in the next
day and saying, “Hey, Mac would like to play.” And so I think that kind of started his love for the game. And then he came to me just shortly after
that and said, “I want to be a great basketball player.” As a freshman, I don’t think he started his
first game. I started some older kids, but game two, he started. As a sophomore, he became more athletic, he
grew a couple of inches, started dunking the basketball and by the end of his sophomore
season, you know we were throwing oops to him. I think going in to my sophomore year, I had
no offers, none of that and that summer I went and played for Team Loaded for the first
time and I got my first offer the second live period. Of course you scour the state, the states
that border Virginia trying to find talent We had come across this kid named Zac
Ervin from Gate City, so when I went to see him play they made it to the state playoffs,
but when you hear he come from kind of the middle of nowhere in Gate City, it’s like
there can’t be two of them. But when I went there it was just Mac. Mac was pushing it, jumping all around, shooting it. And he just had this moxie about him. Like, at the time I had no clue who he was,
he was driving it full court and he took off, put his hand up like he was ready to just
try to dunk on everybody, but he took off and did this little dipsy-doo and I was like,
“Oh, shit, who’s that?” So after the game, I literally and it was
one of the weirdest moments, but I was just like so caught up in like, “Hold on, wait. We have Zac Ervin, but who is this other guy?” And I was like “Who, who is that?” And he was like “Oh, that’s Mac.” “Who does he play for?” So he introduced me to him and I was like,
“Who you playing for?” He said something about going up to DC, DC
Premier, DC Blue Devils, one of them DC teams. I said “Hey man, Zac is going to
play with us man, I think you should come on and workout with us and I
think it would be a good fit for you. In my mind, I said “You’ll never go to DC,
I’m not letting this kid get out of here.” And from there, it just took off. I met his mom and dad and from there it took off. I was like “Look, I got a kid here that you
don’t know, nobody knows nothing about, named Mac McClung from Gate City.” Everybody’s first question is, “Where is Gate City? Where is that at?” “I don’t know either, but he’s here in Richmond,
he’s hands down the best kid you don’t know about.” Just came in with so much tenacity and explosiveness. He was really talented and he was very tough.
He had a lot of grit, he had a lot of passion, he had a lot of things that take you to the next level. The weird thing was that I could like,
I’ve been doing this for like a year or two just like jumping and everything the
way I have, but it was just like all of a sudden, everything went crazy, like you know,
the Riff Raff timeline, all the mixtapes, the Bleacher Report, House of Highlights, but
I don’t know, I’m not arrogant but I always believed that one day I’m going to accomplish,
you know, being a big figure and being able to make it far in the basketball world. We had 6’7″ wings, a 6’5″ guard, three 6’10”
bigs, all of them athletic, but Mac has the baseline out of bounds lob play. Like not the 6’8″ jumping bean, the 6’1″ jumping bean. So I was at the mid-major level until like
a month ago. I got my first offer from Rutgers and then I kind of been rolling with the high major interests from there. Mom, I’m going to commit after this weekend. You are? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, to be determined next week, the Mac
McClung commitment, it’s going to be tough. Should I post that? I wonder which one’s the better option. Rutgers and Georgetown were the first to offer.
Gonzaga loved him, but Georgetown got it, you know what I mean? And that’s all that matters. The word that I got was Patrick Ewing came
to him and wanted him to be the point guard. At first, you only had small time recruitment
for the kid, then he blows up and you got Patrick Ewing at his front door taking a picture with his family. People are just different, like some people
want to go to parties, hang out with their friends, I was just like always that
guy with a chip on my shoulder, I want to better than that guy. I want to get back in
the gym at night. I want to get back to the gym in the morning, like it was just personally
for me I didn’t ever want to leave the gym. He could be a home at 10:30-11 o’clock at
night and if he hasn’t shot well in a day or two or if he maybe even thinks that something’s
wrong with his shot, that’s when he goes to the gym. It would be 10:30 at night and he’d just go
“I’m going to the gym,” and he’s out. I’ve gotten here before to work and at 7 o’clock
he’s here. He takes care of himself and you never really
see him doing it, but when you’re talking to him in two days, you learn that he was
here and he shot 400 free throws before school. I don’t mean just a couple hours a week, I’m
talking about a couple hours a day. He’s the kid that’s looking for the opportunity. He’s running to the opportunity head on like
“Ok, this is what they said I needed? I’m looking for you.” I mean he’s really that kid. I wouldn’t dare say that anybody that I know
has worked harder at his skill than him. He doesn’t take many breaks. Mac McClung 6’2″ and can windmill, 360, reverse
dunk, he got hops, man, he got hops. Is he the best player you’ve seen? Yes. Around here. Who would you compare him to? Michael Jordan, MJ. Um, it was a big question before the year
if I would stay in Gate City or you know, leave. But um, there’s no way I could leave with
this community and the love and support that they show for me and our team, so it was no question for me, I wanted to stay. He took his senior year by storm. Numbers never lie, like every two days it
was 47, then it’s 50, then it’s 45. It kind of got to a point where 40 points
was just like a breeze for this kid. He looks like a mean kid, like if you don’t
know Mac when you first meet him He walks around with that scowl on his face. You know you just have so much passion for
the game and as soon as someone like gives you an elbow that’s like my first nodding
not to you know, just take it. That’s when he’s at his best is when people
start talking to him. Coming from you know, a tough area, South
Norfolk, I could see who’s soft and who’s faking it. You can’t really fake it around me and Mac. Mac is one those guys that’s never faking it. Toughness is just something that you’re born
with and he has it. You know you have to just check on your IPhone
or whatever phone that you own to kind of see what he was going to do next. Every time you think he can’t do something,
like to top what he just did, it’s like “Aw shit, did you see that? Got like a group chat. “Hey, did you see that one?” And then he does another one, and then he does another one. He could jump out the gym. Be careful when you go baseline challenging Mac McClung he will rise to the occasion and dunk on you. And you know, that’s just a problem that you
don’t want to have. He’s a killer, man. There’s so many words that I’m using
right now, but one word that I’ll say is he’s a killer. If you’re in his way, man, he’ll kill you man. He’ll try to take your heart out of your chest. When the Iverson scoring title was in reach,
man, he just attacked it. You know, just kind of um, just kind of happened,
it wasn’t you know anything like: “I got to beat Allen Iverson’s record.” But you know it was really cool to be mentioned with those names and hopefully one day I can make a big
name for myself. Just got these two back-to-back games, senior
night, so now we’re getting ready. It’s win or go home, so it’s all business. What ya’ll think about that? Let’s go. This year, I believe that Mac as a senior has,
you know our guys follow him. Whatever he does, you know, we follow. When your best players are your leaders,
you got a chance to do something through those guys. The main goal is to get ready for a state
championship, that would mean everything. We just got to go out and get it. I think we’re the best team in the state. That would be crazy. That’s uh, I don’t know, that’s a hard place
to pack, so you know, that would be awesome to do that, to be our final game there. It’s your boy Jack. Prep hoops gang, you know that. We got Mac’s show coming up. I’m headed to VCU to watch another state title
game and Mac McClung’s game is sold out. Shout out SLAM! We have confirmed that Mac McClung is now
the all-time career scoring leader in Virginia boys basketball history. Mac McClung has the record, he has it all,
he has the state championship. Mac heart is really bigger than his height. He was Mac-esque, he was Mac-esque, Mac wasn’t going to
be denied, you couldn’t deny Mac. Mac just needed the opportunity to be there
and he worked so hard for it, so when he got there, the last thing you was going to do
was beat Mac McClung in the state championship game. That just wasn’t going to happen. Um, that was, that’s a feeling I’ll never
forget. I felt like at the end, we were so unbeatable
because we honestly, this is cliche, but we all were so invested in each other. We all loved each other. We knew it was for something way bigger than ourselves. And I think we’ll be celebrating forever. Man, ok, Iverson Classic People’s Choice Award. I mean come on Mac, Georgetown, let’s go. He wasn’t considered a McDonald’s kid and Iverson personally invites the kid to his all-star game. It doesn’t surprise me to see him handle these
challenges, because he’s wanted this. Like they’re sitting around just enjoying
camp and enjoying these situations, he’s wanted these opportunities to be in these camps,
to go against these kids who everybody said were better than him. I think being a three-star, you know, rankings to me are not like a big thing. “I gotta be a five star.” That just puts another
chip on my shoulder and I’m the underdog once again. He does some things against five-star recruits
that were five-star recruits for a long time. So now this is his opportunity while everybody
else is just like winding down, having a good time. He’s looking at it like “Oh yo, I’ve
been looking for you, I’ve been looking for you for the last three years Here’s why.” You know what I mean? You know I love going against those guys that are so-called big names, I look forward to it. He’s playing for something and he’s on his
way to something real good. You know everybody says that they want to
go to the NBA, I want to be different. I want to be one of a kind. If any doors open, and it shows a little crack
of daylight, I think a guy like Mac McClung is going to kick that door in and control
his own destiny. Personally, I think he’ll be in the NBA one
day and the reason I say that is because I’ve seen him set goals and I’ve really never seen
him not meet a goal that he set individually with himself and some of them are some pretty high
goals. So um, when he says he’s going to play in
the League, I wouldn’t doubt it. Look at his resume, he’s accomplished quite
a bit for a high school kid. Can we do the best looking guy on the team? Nah, I’m playing. Next. Clearly you wanted to answer that. Nah, nah, shout out to cookout man, y’all
the real MVP. Gate City, man, shout out to Gate City.