I want you to name your top five strikers. I know we are putting you on the spot, but if you can go from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Who are your top five strikers, and if you can, give me a little bit of the reason why? – No. 5, itÕs so difficult. I think Romario at No. 5. – What did you like the most about him as a player? – The finish time for him is amazing. Then I think Ronaldo. – Original Ronaldo? – The fat one. – El Fenomeno for me. – The first Ronaldo. The Brazilian Ronaldo. HeÕs really good. HeÕs so quick. HeÕs so fast. HeÕs an intelligent guy. HeÕs a nice finisher. – He had it all. – Yeah, heÕs a really good player. Then, I think, for me, one of the best of my career is Forlan. – Diego? – I played with him, and heÕs a really good striker. Really clear minded; he played for the team. HeÕs a striker who likes to score many goals. He likes to shoot, and thatÕs what you want. HeÕs really good and thatÕs why heÕs at No. 3. Then at No. 2 is Batistuta. – Batigol – Yeah, he was my favourite player when I was a child. A really good No. 9 – around the area he shot free kicks, and he loved to play for the team. I loved his character as well. Then No. 1 for me is Messi because he is one of the best in the world. – HeÕs a decent player, right? – Yeah, itÕs an easy decision for me. – A couple of players you had a good understanding with as well, Diego Forlan and Messi, obviously. You had a very, very good connection, right? – Yeah, because when you have a really good connection and a really good relationship outside of the pitch, I think, on the pitch, it makes it so easy for me because of that. – Are you ever going to grow your hair out like Batigol? – I tried; I tried in Ajax when I was young, but it was so bad.