hello guys welcome to my very first
video on YouTube. I’m Ramesh from CodeWar and today I’m gonna show you
one of my project written in C++ language it is LUDO Game. So, without
wasting time let’s have a look at the source code first and then we will run
it. All right well there is some more source
code files attached in this project, I am not going to show you those files
because some of those contains a large number of lines of “Codes” and showing
those files may make this video so boring that is why I am going to run
this game and if it is needed to explain something, I will explain you later in
this video… Okay! now we are in the main menu of the
game, there is three modes in the game two-player mode three-player mode and
four-player mode.. if you want to play in two-player mode click on it, click Next,
select your favorite color and click start.. or you can play in three-player
mode also.. choose your favorite color and click start.. But, to show you all the
features available in this game, I am going with the four-player mode.. So finally, the game has started.. Now let me introduce you with the game’s interface
and its features.. The leftmost part is totally reserved for the “Game Board”.. this
part indicates whose turn is to throw the dice at this instant.. You can find
the game tutorial here in the “How to Play” section.. The players can use this sound
button to enable or disable the sound effect in the game depending upon their
choice if the players don’t like the appearance of this game board they can
choose any other theme for it from the theme section now there is 14 available
in it which I am going to show you one by one the first one is classic which is
a standard game routine the second one is the curvy corners the
name is given due to the cause present everywhere in the game board next theme is these circles this name is
also given due to the same reason the circles present everywhere in the game
book the last theme is modern interface this is the default themes of this game
here the reset has two options for the players
the first one is relaunch which will restart the game and let the player
choose between other game mode for the new game session the second one is
reposition which the players can use for QuickStart it will just set all the
tokens to their initial position I will show you the uses of this tool later in
the gameplay now let’s come to the About section in this section player can get
all the information about this game there is three subsections available
description information and the third one is developer section this developer
section is all about me if someone want to contact me they can get the required
details here in the developer section well I want to share something
interesting about this game whatever you have seen in this game I have not used
any images of dot PNG or got jpg or dot gif file format for this kind of
graphics everything is being generated by coding at the real time including
this picture yes this is not a normal picture there is another source code
file in this game project where all the pixel colors and its respective
coordinates for this picture is defined the reason behind not using any image
file format instead of writing codes for this picture is very simple if I use any
image of dot PNG or dot jpg or dot gif file format then I will have to include
those image files in the folder containing the final executable file if
someone replace this image files with some other images then it will affect
the game another reason is use of these images affect the game performance as it
will be loaded from the hard disk every time when it is called
so to solve this issue I created another program which takes something for
instance like his height and whites or be required image etc and then it will
load the image in the memory read all the pixels of the image and its
respective coordinates then create a C++ source code file and write the image
data of the required size within a class it also creates a header file which you
can use to link this class in your project and access all the functions of
this class so this is how I created this picture of me the last thing to
introduce is this torus button all the players will use this button to throw
the dice now it’s time to show you the gameplay so this is it guys if you like this
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