– Good morning. What’s up, dude? – What’s up? – Where we headed? – To my first basketball game. – Your first basketball game. How many basketball games you have today? – Three. – Three. – This is my, out of all of them, this is my second basketball game. – Well, how many do you have today? – Three. – Three, that’s what I meant. You have three games today. Three basketball games. You think you can handle it? – Mhm. – [Clintus] Three games, dude? – I get a long break
after the second game. – [Clintus] Yeah but your
last one’s your toughest one. Competitive. – I’m not going to get
that much playing time. – [Clintus] You don’t think so? – No, I might actually, yeah, I think I am. – [Clintus] We’ll see. (light music) (whistle) – [Voiceover] Stay in front. – [Voiceover] He’s out. – [Voiceover] Don’t get so close. – [Voiceover] Rebound. Yeah. (whistle) – [Voiceover] Yeah. – Good job, Bryce. Oh. Three pointer. Well, after two basketball games, Bryce killed it. First game, 31 to 30. They won by one point and Bryce made a free throw so that one point won the game. Second game was 18 to four, I think. 18 to seven. – [Bryce] Six. – 18 to six. I was close. 18 to six. Vastly different team
but both recreational. Lot of new players, players that never played before so the teams as a whole
have a lot of work to do and Bryce is an intricate part of both. – At the very end of my second game, I made a three. – [Clintus] They saw it. – I swished it. – They saw it. I got it on film. I got it on video. I got it on video. So now we’re on the patio here at Chipotle grabbing some lunch because I’ve been craving it and it’s always awesome. Yeah. – Hey, guys. It is Saturday. Mommy and daddy and Bryce are gone. They’re at Bryce’s basketball game so I’m here with papa and a friend and we’re going to go down to Dillon’s and eat some dinner, eat some lunch slash breakfast. I don’t know. Brunch. I’ve been forgetting to bring the camera. Sorry. It’s in here in the trailer
and I’ve been forgetting. We took Baby to the dog park, we went on a walk and
we went on a bike ride waiting for the friend, Jay, to come. He’s finally here so
now we’re going to bring you guys to Dillon’s. I will not forget this time. I’m bringing the camera
in my hand right now. Alright, so we’re waiting
for our shuttle right now. There’s a golf cart coming but there’s a lot of other people waiting so we got to wait but we’ll soon get on to
it to get to Dillon’s. – [Tiffany] How was lunch? – Good. – [Tiffany] Good. Is your belly full? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Yeah. Just yeah? Yeah. What did you get? Adult mac and cheese? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Yeah. Good story. – Alright, fast forward a few hours later. Kind of chilled. I had a conference call
with fellow streamers and now Bryce is ready for his competitive basketball game. First basketball game with the team. Are you excited? – Mhm. – Are you nervous? – A little, yeah. – Did you say not really or you are? – A little, yeah. – He’s a little bit. He’s a little bit nervous. – I’m playing with Mark, Mason and Aidan. – That’s right. So you’re good. You’re comfortable. You got the same team. You’re good. – There’s three or four kids that I know. – Three or four kids. He’s good. (whistle) – [Voiceover] Rebound. Yeah. – [Voiceover] Come on. Want a banana? – [Tiffany] You working hard there? Mhm. – [Tiffany] Mhm. Hi. Hi. How cute are you? – [Clintus] More basketball, huh? How did your competitive game go? – Good, we won. – [Clintus] You won? – Why didn’t you vlog any? – [Clintus] I did vlog it. I’m asking you how it went. – Good. – [Clintus] Yeah? What are your thoughts? – That I need a lot more practice. – [Clintus] Lot more practice
with the competitive team? Yeah. What do you got to learn? – Zones and all the plays. – [Clintus] Yep. You’ll get there. (light music) (upbeat music) Well, guys, that wraps up another day here at Lake Pleasant. Kind of an awkward day. Bryce and I were gone all day pretty much. We didn’t get back here until, I don’t know, close to six o’clock and then we went straight to dinner so I didn’t get to really chill. I didn’t get to really
hang out in the trailer or at the park so I’m kind of hoping we
hang out all day tomorrow. I think as of right now, we’re supposed to check out at noon but like last time, we could just chill
and stay another night. Tiff and the kids get up
bright and early to school while I pack up the
trailer and take it home. We’ll see. Stay tuned. I hope we do though because I didn’t get a
chance to use the drone or do anything. I just want to chill. I kind of just want to
chill in the trailer. We got it. That’s what I want to do with it. The guy playing the music
down at the restaurant was Nick Caster. Got a chance to talk to him. He does some amazing cover songs as well as some amazing original music. The song that you guys saw earlier was an original track that he wrote and it was an acoustic version. It was really good. He gave me an album of his. I got five tracks, I think. Five original tracks. I’ll be checking those out and yeah, I think he’s going
to be an up and coming guy. Keep an eye out for him. As always, guys, thank
you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. If you didn’t, give it a thumbs down. Tap the eye in the sky for the last four years’ videos, see what we were up doing and we’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on.