Yeah, I’m excited. Probably mostly nervous, to be honest,
because these guys look pretty big. Seeing you,
you’ve never played rugby… but I can have you playing internationally
in one year or two years. So… I googled some rules.
You’re only allowed to tackle below the belt. It’s good for my boobs. My ovaries
could be in trouble, but I’ll survive, I think. You think I’m going to be able
to tackle somebody? Yes?
-Definitely. You fall down. Protect your head
and the ball and you’ll be fine. I think this is when we start tackling. Which is the thing that I’m most afraid of. I don’t know what he’s saying. I don’t
understand what we’re supposed to do. So. Oh , he said go. Kind of cool, kind of scary. What’s your favourite part about rugby?
-Tackling. Shit. That’s the best part.
-I didn’t like the whole tackling thing. Today’s practice was really fun. Really
cool. The guys were really including. How many stars can I get out of five?
-Out of five? I give you… Five stars for effort.
-Yes. Three stars for in contact.
-Nice. I give this team five stars
for being really amazing to me. But the sport itself only gets a two. Secretly, getting dirty was one
of my favourite things about this. Five stars for dirtiness. They’re very lonely over here at their club so more women
should come and watch them. They’re paying me to say this.