Adrian’s come a long way, he’s given it straight to Aubameyang,
and his effort towards goal… goes wide. Oh, Ceballos, that’s horrible. JOHN: That’s Mane,
and it’s a good save by Leno. Pepe. Goes for goal. Henderson with the miscue, and this is Pepe,
and Aubameyang making ground, it’s brilliant from the Ivorian… and he’s hit the ball straight at Adrian. That’s Alexander-Arnold, it’s deep! And it’s in. Oh, it’s got to be,
challenge on Mohamed Salah… CHRIS: Penalty! JOHN: It was a pull from David Luiz. Mohamed Salah. Again it’s that elaborate run-up. But once again it is
a quite stunning finish. Here’s Pepe. That’s a lovely ball for Aubameyang. And Matip came from a good five or six yards
behind to get there and make the challenge. Salah – brilliant. David Luiz couldn’t get close
cos he’s already been booked, and Salah still going! OH, YES! It’s absolutely brilliant. Aubameyang. Tees it up for Torreira,
who gets a second bite. And finishes well.