Hi, we’re women’s rugby! *laughing* music Hi guys, so tonight we’re at Lincoln University Women’s Rugby Society you can see them warming up, they’re having a game of tag bulldog behind me so let’s go find out some more My name is Bethan Abra and I’m the captain of the team brilliant and would you like to tell me a little bit about what you do here yeah, basically we’re one of the biggest societies on campus we have training twice a week, once up at Nettleham and then once at the astro we sort of go between contact training and non-contact training and as well we have matches most weeks So we compete in BUCS, the university league and, yeah, we have that most weeks we have our last match tomorrow so I hope we win brilliant and is full contact or is it touch or is it a combination of both that you’re doing here? we play touch at training but in the matches it’s completely full contact the same as men’s rugby like big hits, bits of skin ripped off – everything like that brilliant and can you tell me what your favourite moment has been since you started this society? I think it’s gotta be from my first year, last year we umm.. there was a team who beat us in the cup they were a really big team, like second in the league and then we came back, had a match 2 weeks against them and we beat them something like 64 – 0 so that was pretty amazing the University of Lincoln has several rugby teams including the women’s team which is full contact the members train several times a week including from 6:15 Mondays 6pm on Tuesdays and various times on Wednesdays depending on the coach and member flexibility most of the outdoor training takes place on campus on the astro turf full 15-a-side games against other university teams can take place at various times throughout the week these are both home and away matches the society also part takes in a variety of fundraising activities and has recently spearheaded an anti-bullying campaign in partnership with International Women’s Day music