Hello Everyone Welcome back to the channel Today we will be looking at a hot topic on how Lin Dan and Olympic silver medalists Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon did NOT get any ranking points for playing at the Gwangju Korea Masters. BWF just released the latest BWF world rankings and Olympic qualification rankings on Tuesday and this is what we see. Lin Dan’s ranking points before and after the Korea Masters stayed exactly the same even though he played the final. This whole situation first came to light when Badmintalk pointed out that Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon will not get any ranking points for playing at the Korea masters. Apparently there is a BWF rule that says that a top committed player cannot play more than four super 300 tournaments in a calendar year. Here is the rule.
This is what it says So you guys might be asking who is a top committed player. Here is the definition So basically what this rule says is that players like Lin Dan, Goh Liu Ying, Chan Peng Soon cannot participate in more than 4 super 300 tournaments like the Gwangju Korea Masters. If they do so, world ranking points will be deducted. As you guys already know, Lin Dan is not the type of player who plays a lot of tournaments. He is not like Lee Chong Wei who used to play tournaments week after week. But lately Lin Dan has been participating in a lot of tournaments because he wants to collect ranking points to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So it is quite safe to assume that Lin Dan was playing the Gwangju Korea Masters to collect some ranking points for himself. He would absolutely not take the trouble to travel to South Korea, play the tournament for a whole week just for a couple of thousand dollars. So this means that Lin Dan and the Chinese team management did not know anything about the rule set by BWF. But here is where it gets really interesting. This is not the fifth super 300 tournament Lin Dan has played. In fact this is his sixth Super 300 tournament. He exceeded his quota of 4 super 300 tournaments when he played the Australian Open in June. But guess what He got rankings points for playing the Australian Open. If you look carefully into the BWF rule, you see these two words “Special exemption” So was Lin Dan given a special exemption for the Australian Open or BWF simply forgot to “deduct” his points after the Australian open? If he was indeed given a special exemption, then surely BWF must have informed Lin Dan and the Chinese Badminton Association regarding this. So did the Chinese Association not read about this rule when BWF informed them? Or did BWF not inform them at all? Or did BWF completely forget about this rule until Badmintalk pointed it out last week? Keep in mind that this same thing is also happening to other players like like Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying and Ng Ka Long Angus. The weird thing right now is that the rankings points has neither increased nor decreased. But the clause 2.8 of the rules explicitly uses the word DEDUCTED. To me deducted means the rankings points should decrease. Am I missing something here? What is happening? If the rules say World ranking points will be deducted, then why has BWF NOT deducted any points yet? And what does this term special exemption mean? Who can be given special exemptions? When can it be given? What are the criteria? There are a lot of things which are still unclear and we need answers about them from BWF. And the funny thing is BWF published a news article on its website during the Korea open (Masters). And in that article, you can see this paragraph which says Lin Dan has a chance to qualify for the World tour finals by collecting points from the Korea open (Masters). Comments from Goh Liu Ying on different social media platforms clearly indicates that she did not know anything about this rule as well. I wanted to know what Lin Dan’s Chinese fans thought about this whole situation. So I went to a Chinese news website. I had a fun time reading some of the comments there Let me know in the comments below what you guys think about this rule and the whole situation. Anyway thank you guys for watching. See you in the next video.