In this instructional video, we will be assembling
the pole to the base of a telescoping pro-court basketball system. Note, your Basketball System
may look slightly different than the model shown in this video, but the steps performed
will still apply. Locate a pole brace and attach the flat end to the base with the hardware
indicated. Make sure the angle then sticks up away from the base. Only finger tighten
this hardware for now. Repeat this to attach the remaining pole brace to the opposite side.
Again, just finger tighten this hardware, it will be fully secured later in this assembly.
Slide the axles into place in the bottom of the bottom pole. Then slide on the wheels and the spacers.
Move the wheels into position under the cavity on the front of the base. Make sure the pole
is laying on the ground with the adjustment knob facing up. Then rotate the pole assembly
vertically while keeping one foot on the base so the axles will snap into the slots on the
base. Attach the angled ends of the pole braces to the pole, then tighten this hardware. Then
tighten the remaining hardware.