[Epic Music] [Background Music] “First thoughts I’m so proud of this
group and how hard they’ve worked and how much they persevered to get to this
moment great team victory.” Leaving here and heading to the NCAA’s what do you
want the girls to know moving forward? “Just keep trusting themselves done a
great job of fighting we’ve been in enough five-game battles we’ve been
enough situations where we’re really been pushed by quality opponents I think
we know we can win so now I want us to enjoy that moment there and then just
trust it some more because if we just play within ourselves we can compete
with especially in the region we can compete.” So today your name the MVP and
as a freshman what’s that mean to you? “It means a lot I came back my junior and
sophomore year from an injury that I thought would be career-ending I’m so
I’m at a lot to fight back and the team just meant a lot to me so it was really
good um it’s more of a team award I don’t
think of it as like an individual goal I’m just really proud that I could work
on my team.” What’s it mean to you and the rest of the team to get this big huge
win in the championship? “Um means everything we’ve been working
so hard this whole season I mean we set goals been very beginning to like win
Liberty leagues and we haven’t done it in a really long time I’m so I’m just
really proud that we were all able to work together and fight really hard