Hello friends like the title says we will
release the motor 5 play any company does not matter fully say
that we need only free sigma tool will I leave here
for you to see in its latest version if not have the latest version will go
way down do not know what pack you need to installed but honestly I
have three packs so is your only download the latest version
so you do not have problem we need also the drivers who are in the
description and as you leave the drivers on the official website of sigma and
the books I personally take care in all have an executable
how to jump with advertising have a link advertising so do not be
angry let’s skip, if you can not a label you here and
I have the video in the description of video so you know how to jump the
videos on my channel advertising so well you know that we will release
this video it will be divided into two parts are obviously watching the
first part is the release Direct if you have the error
also will be to put the title that you left without imei after
releasing it go directly to the description and there is the second
in which we will resolve this error and we will leave fully functional
without any problems and is already Now let ‘s you know if the video’s
release thank you very much for the support go and sign and continue with the
great video video and good team here and we
have the Motorola and how they I commented on the good introduction
here I’ll put the sim from another company I understand that this is at & t the
same applies to movistar as Yes many times has brought me some
frights quite pretty crazy because Well, you will see the process
that’s the right way and somehow no way fails to do so and if and
also you will be left without imei and do not reads the chip will also serve this
process either for the release or repair what is being if
you’re out serial number you’re out signal after
release So good appears to us up here
that says we blocked network will give that asks us a code then
here we have it first thing we to do is turn it off again this is nothing
more I did it to see that it is not released if we can rule
obviously does not grab us we get here and we are going to realize a little
in what is still the system version out there I ask for a
upgrade but hey do not worry phone is not is not even
unlocked the bootloader here we unload appears that we will
do the following for that of the doubts that everything
we Account account of what is being
gmail account on Google because We restore phone then we will
not have problems going to activate who it says debugging version based
not build number We appear to us several times that we will
do a programmer we go to back and embrace us there is a new
option that is open and programmer we will activate the release
oem and also by doubts will turn what is still the
debugging once having this we let’s put back to check
that everything is in order not to have Distillate because sometimes destildan
are disabled going back important that you also have a lot stack
right now I’ll do that because We urge us a little truth and is also
important that you load center at have well say that
running and your USB cable also so you wont have any problems the
drivers left them in the description also to install right now I teach
the correct process is a process bit tedious but somehow as
good as we have ready what we will do is turn it off tell the customer or knowing
you who will erase absolutely all of what is still the phone
will remove the sim that got him right now we are not going to take the
time we have well and we will scoring the fast boot mode that has been
turned down and volume until we see the menu I’ll
put the lid to be me simple and does not have much trouble going
to give volume down and lit the fast boot mode is not good open
we got one I think we have to be very careful when doing this
good here and it got us back in fastboot we will give back we will
shut the lid a little better and we will give good look where it says
here that says there bp tools let to leave it there and we will give with
the on the phone will turn and will begin to start
let alone a right way and we will connect the equipment but hey I
‘m going to focus a little on what comes It is the pc in what is still the
computer because we let us go to what is being administrator
targeted devices we will put so on, I recommend as I said at the
beginning windows 7 32 bit you will put Right – click a computer or as you
have configured the options properties and we will open the
device manager, because Once the engine us to install
servers or drivers that left the bottom to have it
ready we will open this here and I I’ll connect you right now what is
still the phone we will connect we hope to provide here the
list of drivers or rather we have devices ready,
here the phone as we can see and me He caught I will connect here we
appear the options when you I connect it will dim the screen if I connect will dim the screen
here the phone if I want to unlock and left him for a
side and we are going to realize that we will begin to want to install some
drivers obviously a no we install it , see if I give here we
are three 3,3,3 of these are not no driver found and the
list also appear here three Look what we do is very
simple if you already have drivers installed it appears not found
any drivers but I leave the description to download them
have problems downloading things I leave a link for you to go to the
explanation of how to use my shorteners shorteners use because we know it’s
about money and because we hide one little traffic to files, look
what we will do before installing these drivers are going to open and what
is being sigma if you do not have in your the latest version also left here
below to download it and know that we are fortunate to be able to use
this tool know we have to have obviously already updated the
sigma connected and the three pack activated’m not sure they will not be
lying if I said that pack but we have to put it
in this case since the beginning is now making the whole process we are going to
focus right now on there will be sigma and which opened we will focus on what
is still the platform qualcomm and very much here here here on this
platform have the model qualcomm and obviously we will put what
is being motorola and we will seek moto version 5 play here motorola verizon play version 5 person to do this by making the release
here will leave us with no sign what this is still not doing
advertising potatoes let’s put here
we will lose the signal in this then good device what we’re going
to do is take this to generate the port that three can not know
for sure which of the three of us will to serve but we will have to
set you at three and one testing a first course will start
by the first select it and with options or click here
for most of us right click let’s stick to update software
driver and let’s put here where it says search software on your computer
and choose where said list drivers because we already
installed the drivers for nothing more than some reason do not install one or in
automatic let’s go down up down on what it says ports
COM here we select we give Double – click or where said next
wait for the list to appear and we we will obviously look that says
who manufacturer who says motorola as we have with the manufacturer
motorola we will look and let us go to show all these and did everything
correctly and we will select this This we see here motorola QC DiagPort
and we will give us Next going to ask here it is not recommended
if it is not needed we put yes and wait for it to install the
say that the controller once appears to us that settled we will
remove one from the list here and we will be only two this can
take a long time depending on your speed your computer this is a little
saturated by all programs if used regularly it should
be a little faster and easier this hope here to install the
driver if we displayed something else that you trust the
driver or anything else you we said yes and that is what we will
do so in the sigma sigma We are going to the port appear to
generate without the sigma we mark an error port or a read error or some
kind of mistake we will have to return to Repeat the same with us who
are we here this why because it We’ll have to scoring him in some
way to how we generate the port to make correct reading here we
appeared to be updated or that We installed correctly to close by
we see that we are only attenuates two because the other supposedly as
shown down here look well 193 numerito this will change in you
now when we put here port appears to us here in sigma us
appears as the one we just installed 193 with very important to do
the following look let’s give tells us read unlock codes is
important that we put in reading unlock codes not release
directly read unlock codes and We hope that this will make all your
work will see here makes us reading as we can see here then
you atinamos here might not imei change here tells us that if we
continue we put yes and he tells us that he is waiting and is
processing the phone will do I think we will twice ask them to
say OK we select the volume up or down right now is going
to seem to be reading this data It may take a lot here you have to
wait for this and will appear us another legend show the phone still
lit although good is locked So now we will
pause the video here we no longer did anything because this port luckily
grabbed the first and if we did an error reading appears immediately and not
read them absolutely nothing computer information will have to
re-do the same for the installation of drivers with
next coming here and will com assign another number and select
obviously that is distinct why I say you memorized is what you think
you because if you give us one mistake obviously on the list when we see
here once we install the other will we to appear two and select which is
different from what we had already selected obviously to give us a reading
correct what is being imei and all these things worth expect us to
do this reading this will take so I’ll go a little
video until my next which you will have to appear here once you finished this look is from
here you will begin to mitigate many times as it is removed and placed us here
indicates you do not continue this espantes it will take a lot here tells us that we
press less and ok first volume will press less, it is very
important I’ll leave it here First let’s press on the phone
volume – and once you have it pressed we will give OK
and wait for the device is switched Here we will indicate the phone will
start going to send the order to mode is turned on and the volume – is
to be turned on in mode one fastboot Once you let go fastboot mode pledge and
what is still the button here will begin installing the drivers this can
happen or not can immediately start do all this will begin to format
everything and then turn off again and it will turn on and will surely
turn mode mode again BP mode will wait for it to
connect and let’s see what happens watches Sometimes me here you install drivers at
times it gives me the error when restarts here wants to
install the other say that the other 3 and hopefully will not happen because if you’re not
having to repeat back to the procedure here will start and
write data that will begin faster he tells us that created us
back in the folder but here longer it will take once you finish doing
this in part right here is going to send a code that will have to score
on a slip of paper to take a picture as you want and wait for all this
to end here and show us the code lock once you do this once
already made this the team will imei run out and will begin to
send several errors in the system espantes you we will solve with
long ram or rather the ROM we here also I leave it in
the description for the download and so you do absolutely everything one
time we do this we finished This may again ask us again
to do what the fastboot that’s that I’ll pause for here is to
again take again you only leave without disconnecting anything without turning off the
computer without nothing move you let this finished and we can continue Message here it should not appear
we will do the same as we showed ok tells us to put accept and
volume minus, let’s make lightning fast that we run out of
time will tighten volume less the team
and we will put in claims to accept while pressing the volume less
until the phone screen We turned on the fast boot mode when
we turn on the fast boot mode and we will to drop once turns us back into
fastboot let go and as we begin to do everything here once done this
as we see appears to us the code the phone will re-learn and we
‘ll show the code this code we will score just like that in a
sheetlet because it will serve us So then let’s write down
the code shown us here and after that time if the phone
again will start to show ravages of what we just
Míra we scored the same as we for you have here is obviously going to be
different because yours has another code the computer will start with
small errors in fact if you look and we can see somehow the
time to give * # 06 # will look to us start putting all this * # 06 # is more we do not
stop and write good what we will do is He says Android system had a problem
this is normal do not espantes we will leave no imei we will
leave nothing many times again Here again go through the same
procedure and sometimes drove me to the signal back again and give the
imei and so if me if I will get involved and sim where the company while
asking us the code we do not ask and no we would think if you have one imei 0 that
was after this and do not know how good fix now follow the
following procedure will grab we will close this remember that
we had to have already pointed this code and we have to be
stored or pointed or a photography as you want if you do not want to
take risks we will minimize as You will also want to close this
we will go to flashing procedure for this I’ll pause the video I’ll
turn off the computer and I’ll shut and I’ll wait for it to go and then
and start the new fastboot because we’ll make it flashing from fast mode
boot in command is recommended that the ERE use the rds, I do not remember
very well his name’m really bad with names for this process flasheo but
I have been quite successful with command right now let’s see if we run into
any problems good friends as he had said at the beginning of the video
that this is the first part ended first part was the procedure to obtain the release code or release as such important to
do all the steps that I do in the video now if we go to the second part
that is the flasheo to solve the error of what is still the
release because as you could see these releases for Team
verizon but as something similar only fit a few things here comes
the trick for us who do not have or We do not have this version and have
versions of Latin America so is that as we go to video
flash, because it divides into two because the video was very long, because sometimes there are
people who already have the process done and only they need only retrieve the
IMEI and the signal on their computers without release the code to mind
because for some reason they left and do not know how well is that
now they let us go to the video I leave the Description direct link go look for him
down here and already you’re looking for ponle there to sign activates the bell
and help us to grow in this community thank you very much for your support and
Now let ‘s go get down and put my link to
another video for you to continue and have the successful release