Good evening. First of alll, I would like to thank all the journalists who have voted for me to receive this award. Obviously, as always, thank you to my teammates at the club and in the international team They have contributed a lot It was incredible, thank you very much. I also remember, as I saw there in the video, from 10 years ago, when I received my first Ballon d’Or in Paris I remember I came with my three brothers I was 22 years old, it was all unthinkable for me, everything I was experiencing. Today, 10 years later, it’s my turn to receive the sixth In a completely different moment, a very special moment in my personal life, with my wife and three children. I’m very lucky to have them with me, alongside my brother and I, and my nephew. As my wife said, in the message, In all this time, I have never stopped dreaming and continuing to grow, continuing to improve day by day, and above all, continuing to enjoy football. Thanks to God, I can do what I love I can continue if God wants me to have more years left, to continue enjoying it I am aware of my age and that these moments are more enjoyable because the time for retirement is approaching! It’s difficult to repeat if I only have so many years left, and it seems that time flies and everything happens very fast. But I want to continue to enjoy football, my family, the rivalries, everything in life that I have. Thank you very much, and have a good night!