hi this is rugby lasers 600 series scene 1 take two how’s that for a slate not a problem you don’t care
bring it on I’m bangin your eleven hundred
dollar laser around and you don’t care I don’t care that’s what it was designed for its
designed to the take on the job site on a construction site they’re not gentle with them we
design them to take the job site okay largest drop that them right there
it also that was the eight then and now we’re talking about the 600 series how is this
different from the 800 series we introduce the Rugby 800 series as a
premium line right very successful we allow people come
back and say that’s great but you know I want something a little bit more
affordable so we came out the Rugby 600 line which
does exactly that makes a little bit more affordable for the people to use it still offers you a lot of value for
your money I tell you what one button anybody could use that probably
absolutely turn the button on there it self levels there’s no lower miles on it
but on a tripod got a flat plane a laser-like going
around 360 degrees sure so if you like your flat worked
great for that great for concrete cunt a gate concrete construction that warming so far they were new plant by okay and
when we talk about rugged I mean dropping is one thing but there’s like
people spilling coffee on it whatever I the things get an IP 67 rating on about
waterproof oh nice yup actually was a power source power surges down here you can either
use alkaline batteries like this along with that rugby league about 60
hours well that’s pretty good a little about the keep some extra batteries in
the truck a good to go absolutely but if you’re rechargeable
sorry I can get lithium-ion right here same packing to slide right
in here but here’s a look at my own battery there’s going to be about 40 hours worth
it use out of it okay and that’s good for the environment
as well so you’re not throwing away barriers all time okay recharge yeah what about you
receive run this was a come with brassiere comes with us as a standard
around I basic after is here you can upgrade if you’d like to to what
we call the rod I 140 you can see the main difference between
these is this receiving window right this one’s got a big five-inch
window yep this one’s about two inches which is much easier to capture the
laser beam no cases standard a metadata exactly okay price
tag 695 warranty three years alright the greater
progress continues we have here gonna 620 here very so much which is
other in the 610 kept except for now you get a couple extra buttons here and that
allows you to take that flat plain and ship it so I put in the manual I use
these buttons and I can tip that slope up which is
great for aligning maybe handicap ramp check two points together landscapers
and grade perfect they can do that we’ve also got another
one to show them later the landscapers love this thing because it just takes a
lot of the guesswork out for okay same rating with the IP probably
say more in Delhi they’re all at the same warranty and same IP rate by state and
that’s what’s 895 ok and very affordable gives you a little bit more flexible it all depends on the job at hand right
exact okay 640 tell me about it 640 at the whole new dimension from the
standpoint you get this flat plane going around happen now I can also taking away our side like this on ice so
now I have a vertical playing a very different rating
laser-like as well as a plum beam that comes out here for squaring up ninety
degrees okay so that’s what this people during
tilt-up panels you think we need anchor bolt alignments
writes like a okay and price tag this one is 1195 11 and
grab okay so we gotta come or stay right here do
it 670 a Geisha same plant plane but would
rather the dimension on here is the ability to put in a slope got a
screen on the floor you have on your smart yeah so instead
of just taking a tipping their point in not knowing where you are you take this and you can insert in this
case a single grade one direction the trip that slope up just dial it in
here up 28 percent goes right up to that great and off you
go so that’s great also for septic installers landscapers like it
contractors just as another dimension right was all
about getting it right right it if that’s our model player has
to be right already and that should be every time sawyer’s
68 $6.80 per somewhere the 67 except you now have
dual grade yeah so I can take a slope put it in this direction as well as in this direction
simultaneously so if I need to have drainage coming in this direction in the
structure at the same time to one location yep 682 14 okay so let’s compare these
two side by side right here how much is this this was $12.95 byr from $14.90 still all very reasonable considering the
power of the two alright absolutely alright as though you
probably think in carry more information about this because that is a pretty good
size investment in my future because again is by getting it done right and so what you can do is you can go to
this website is like a dash Geosystems .us for all the information about the
various tools we’ve been talking about here but also where you can find the distributors you
can actually do a little touchy feely and I would say probably don’t do this when you go into
the dealership right not a problem dry it see what happens do the