Don’t play with me like that girl. Hi welcome
to Shot I’m Coach Castellaw and this is the hesitation pull-up move. The
hesitation pull-up move is a great move to freeze your defender and allow you to score
an open jump shot. Basically what you are doing is using a hesitation dribble to get
your defender to sink lower in their defensive stance allowing you more room to shoot your
jump shot. So it starts like this. As you approach your defender you are going to do
a hesitation dribble where you dribble just a little bit higher then normal and keeping
your hand on top of the ball. As you do that you are going to chop your feet this chopping
of your feet makes your defender think something else is coming so they are going to sink a
little lower into their defensive stance and get ready to move. That is what we want because
now that they have sunk a little bit lower it allows us to pull up into a jump shot with
separation uncontested hopefully. Alright now let’s check out LeBron James do it. This
move works best if the defender is afraid you are going to drive on them. If they are
afraid of your drive they are going to over react to your hesitation. So LeBron begins
by sizing up his defender, he then gives a small stutter. As he steps his foot forward
it forces the defender to drop their foot backwards allowing LeBron enough space to
pull up straight into his jump shot. Thanks so much for watching our video on how to use
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