We’re here with Channing
Tatum and LeBron James. Their new movie is
called Small Foot. And in honor of LeBron
and his new movie, we’re going to play a game
called Small Foot, Small Hoop. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] All right. We kind of look like
we’re stacked like this. [LAUGHTER] So here’s how you play. You’ll each take turns trying
to get a ball in that hoop. However, the hoop is
smaller than a regular hoop so it’s not going to be easy. If you miss a shot,
you have to take a shot of Channing’s
vodka, Born and Bred. And LeBron, since
you’re a professional, we’re going to make
it harder for you, bring something out so you– [LAUGHTER] All right. Both of you are going
to put those on. All right, yeah. It’s [? stiff. ?] Now, we’ll stand
behind the line. Are you any good at basketball? Nope. Not at all? OK. [LAUGHTER] Do these fit my big feet? You don’t even need those. You can’t even fit in those. [LAUGHTER] That’s hilarious. Well, that’s all right. It’s like slippers. [LAUGHTER] All right. So you’ll take turns. And as I said, if you miss– Might as well put those on too. –then we’ll start
with Channing. Don’t go over the line. Behind the line. Don’t cheat. It’s the feet. It’s the feet. That thing’s– Oh, almost. Go take a shot. Come on. [LAUGHTER] No, no sniffing. This one’s real. [LAUGHTER] Granny shot. [LAUGHTER] Granny shot. You’re like your
character right now. Granny shot. Oh. [LAUGHTER] You got to take a shot. [LAUGHTER] Here. No hands again, huh? Just point. Come on. Here. [LAUGHTER] Delicious. Oh, it’s delicious. [APPLAUSE] Born and Bred, I
like Born and Bred. Born and Bred. All right. Oh, you’re going backwards. You really do want
to take a shot. Going backward. [LAUGHTER] Oh. Almost. Take a shot. I almost just fell. [LAUGHTER] Don’t try this at home,
ladies and gentlemen. [LAUGHTER] Aye. Oh. This is not fair. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, yeah. Something about this
doesn’t just feel right. What? OK, you can take those off. Here you go. Mixing vodka and tequila now. All right, Channy, come on. You can do this. All right. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Try it again. Come on, you can do it. Oh. [LAUGHTER] You missed again. Take a shot. You missed. [LAUGHTER] Oh. That’s– oh. Oh. I just would like to– Uh oh. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHING] A grandma-ma shot. Oh. [CHEERING] All right.