Today we’re gonna teach you five simple skill moves that are usually done on the pitch By Antoine Griezmann now Griese might not be the most flashy player ever But he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve and today. I’m gonna teach you five it Number five the heel chops step over turn on this spot now this move is pretty decent if you’re packed in with defenders on your Side and right in front of you And what you want to do is you want to do a heel chop to your free side? Then as you’re approached by the defender you run towards the ball do a step over with your weak foot and then you go in The complete opposite direction with your strong foot and then of course you proceed to go on and score the winning goal. That’s how it is Number four sole roll single step over which is a great trick for luring the defendant and then absolutely Roasting him with a little bit of pace And what you want to do is you want to start off by doing a sole role with your strong foot Then you do a step over with the same foot and as the defender is approaching you You Absolutely destroy him by then moving away with your weak foot and a little bit of pace Number three, then is the Griezmann trap which might not be a Griezmann exclusive trick But he’s still done in a few times to absolutely devastating effects and what you do here is that Approaching the defender you step on the ball And then you use your momentum to tap it forward with your weak foot and as the defender lunges for the ball you then quickly Tap it with your right foot to move away from him In second place We’ve got the 90-degree heel turn which is another great move if you’ve got a defender on this side And what you do here is that you take the foot? That’s furthest away from the defender, and then you use the sole of that foot to drag the ball Back then you twist your body in the 90 degree V motion to really get the ball behind him While still protecting it at all times, and if you do this right you won’t have a clue about what just happened Number one then is the step-over double chop Which is another great move if you want to confuse the defendant and change direction on this spot at the same time Now, also, you might want to train this at slow speed before you go full speed bonanza Just in case but the trick itself is Facing the defender you want to step over the ball with your strong foot and then tap the ball with the inside of your weak foot towards the inside of your strong foot And if you get this whole double chop move right you’re gonna move away with this and look like a boss at the same time Just like this So there you go, my friends five wicked football skills that are usually done by Antoine Griezmann on the pitch But who should we do next? Please let us know as always in the comments section right down below Now of course if you want to learn even more cool skills And I think you do we got some one-on-one skills for you if you click the video right down here now if you want to gear up by Griezmann You can go grab his Puma future boots by clicking the link right over here and then of course don’t forget to do yourself a favor by subscribing to our channel with the Notifications on of course to see more or less a leave football videos guys with that set I’m gonna sign off, cheeriyo