Riot games Rye-et Rye bread Ryze Uncle Ryze My uncle owns a horse The horse in chess moves like this Skarner Skarner dies To who? A turret Twat What does twat mean? A forest clearing Forest Gump Box of chocolates Hershey’s chocolate John Hirsch has hands Irelia has hands Who this that? That’s Zed, baby Oh, but why did he die? Cause Zed’s dead, baby Oooh, but so are you! Not even close, baby Babies wear diapers Pampers is diapers Pamp Pamphlet “What should you do when you go ka-choo?” by ToucanEd Toucan Sam Froot Loops Looper Bruce Willis Die Hard In which they take over the gigantic Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper Nasus turns into a gigantic dog, it’s like John McClane says: “Yippidi kadooda!” ya fucking whore! Now, why would Blitz pull me into a kill? Unless he was paid off by me earlier this match Much like Bruce Willis is paid off to throw the fight in Pulp Fiction Ving Rhames, who in 2004 did voice work for Driv3r which was developed by Ubisoft Reflections, okay? Their new game, Far Cry 3, features guns, swords, stealing, and boats Sounds a little bit like pirates Yippidi kazooi, ya fucking goombaya Skarner’s down for the count which I can most likely attribute to my 5 AP 5 players per team on the court in basketball Earl Boykins was number 12 when he played for the Wizards that only 5’5” Earl Boykins is… …in a never-ending danger of being stepped on by other players, kind of like a spider Coincidence? I don’t think so 8 letters in “arachnid” 5, 8, 12 It’s in the game. Elise Nice try by Garen, he probably thought I was going down He was right Now think back to Ryze. Starting from Garen; down and to the right. Down-right Downright Darius Which brings me to my conclusion, folks Skarner Irelia Nasus Gangplank Elise …and Darius Riot Games is owned and operated by Singed Thank you, thank you all