– Adam was right. My dad… he told me to do it. – He told you
to assault Jack. – Yeah. He wanted Jack to know that
he couldn’t screw up anymore. – Your dad told you
to use the hockey stick? – He says that’s the way
you’re supposed to do it. I don’t even remember
what happened. I-I really didn’t
want to hurt Jack. He was–he was my friend. – Okay. So you’re ready to say
in court that your dad told you to
assault Jack. – He’s still my dad. I-I don’t want him
to get in trouble. – You know something, Kyle?
When I first saw Jack laid up in that hospital, I was pretty upset. I was angry at who did it. Because right away,
Jack reminded me of… of me. You see, I was the scrawny kid,
way back when. Guys in the neighborhood, they used to
pick on me every day. The worst was this–
[sighs] this kid, Bobby Bianchi. One day when we were at school, he grabbed me
by the hair and he… he shoved my face through
a plate glass window. – Must have hurt. – I was bleeding,
I was all cut up. The principal asked
what happened. Now I could have put
an end to it. Right there, all I had to do
was say Bobby’s name. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t want Bobby
to get into trouble. – He got away with it?
– That’s right. Nobody ever knew what
happened. You know where Bobby
is now? He’s in Sing Sing for stabbing
some poor sap to death during a bar fight. And I always think, what if
I would have said something? What if I just would have
said something? Maybe… that guy would still be
alive. I missed my shot, Kyle. Not a day goes by
that I don’t regret it. But this is your shot. Right now. – And if not for you, Kyle, do it for your little brother. Because what happens
when he gets older, and you’re not around
to look after him? Hmm? You ever think about that? Look, if you’re willing
to talk to the judge, we can get this case
sent back to Family Court, and you will get
a reduced charge. Which means do less time. – Okay. I’ll do it. – Okay, good. And Kyle, we’ll also need
your help finding your father. [somber music] ♪ – Nice story, man. Didn’t know you’re so quick
on your feet. – You gotta do
what you gotta do, right? – That’s right.
– You didn’t make that up, though, did you? That really happened to you,
didn’t it?