Jeff Boski is back! Where am I?? I’m at
Legends gentlemen’s club with none other than Stephan Bonnar UFC Hall of Famer
welcome how you doing Jeff it’s a pleasure excited to be here I’m you know
I love a strip club I’ve been to many in Las Vegas none have been quite like
legends can you tell the fans a little bit about what makes legends it’s one of
a kind well beautiful girls porn stars but it is the place to watch the big
fights the big box and fights Mayweather McGregor boom Canelo triple G and the
UFC all the UFC is especially the pay-per-views okay and hey for free too
we may need to church I’ll cover for our locals come watch the pay-per-view
everyone charges the cupboard not us you heard it here first up into the Rhino
I’ve been to sapphire legends is really a step apart it’s my first time here but
it will be my last time I’ve seen the ladies their dimes and you know I’m
picky with my ladies and see in all these private rooms
there’s screens so like you could be getting lap dancers double d’s in your
face and you won’t miss any of the action speedbag in the tissue Oh Flo
Ryder was in here the other day with flava flav so just legends of the rap game hip-hop
legends turn legit adult film legends I’m cat Dior kena James Penthouse Pet of
the Year Jesse Jane what’s up guys i’m jesse jane and you better be watching
Jeff basket on YouTube Tasha rain Brenna sparks today my fuse
so Ranger star Rachel star coming from Rachel star herself watch Jeff both ski
on YouTube how can I forget Rachel’s star the stars the legends these are the
people you want to hang out with folks no more your boring nine-to-five
lifestyle get out here and live a little Las Vegas VIP room legends nightclub
yeah come kick it you know you can mates with them you can make fantasy into
reality for the low low cost and legends coins and a few legends coin doesn’t
take much and Dobb we’re the first crypto currency Club in the world a lot
of people confuse like oh do you take cash worth cash and credit card most of
our transactions are done that way but we do take crypto in the memberships the
legend true memberships are a liquid tradable commodity and it’s it’s
something like if you spend the five thousand dollars and get a membership
token that’s years for life and when you’re not using it you could rent that
thing out and hey and a year from now you uh well when it’s worth four twenty
thousand dollars boom you can cash out and sell it and cha-ching Wells and
investment invest in yourself where else can you tell your wife you’re getting a
strip club membership and it’s gonna 10x in the next ten years that’s also the
beauty of crypto your wife doesn’t look on your bank statements and
the hell did you spend two grand at a strip club hey I just itching opening a
Bitcoin app on my phone close the tap that way it’s all anonymous I think
that’s why a lot of crypto into a porn world either buying porn online or from
stores you can keep it on the DL no one has to know that’s right yes people want
to keep keep their private matters private that’s the future it’s a
decentralized cryptocurrency yes attention dance dollars have gone
digital here at Legends in Las Vegas they have
two rooms one for the members one for the non-members VIP membership is 5000
legend coins but if you can’t afford that you just here in town for a couple
days you want to still have a good time eight out of ten experiences at a ten
out of ten you’re a non-member they’re still gonna treat you like royalty at
Legends strip club they still accept accept cash and credit cards of course
they don’t want to turn down any term of any form of currency but if you want to
keep it on the low go with the crypto go with the dollar sign LGD you can find it
on bit Rick’s one dollar in 20 cent current rate it goes up it goes down
depending on if there’s a big fight weekend 30 million tokens are available
limited quantity get yours today scarcity is real it’s an investment in
your future Legends Entertainment Club 3750 South Valley View Las Vegas just
down the street from the Rio city benefit
hashtag titty therapy let’s get it trending on Twitter follow Stefan on
Twitter follow legends on Twitter for all the updates of those stars and
fights that are upcoming we are with a special guest I just met her name is
Candice welcome Candice it’s a pleasure to have you on I know all my viewers are
eager to know a little bit more about you and what they can expect from the
Legends experience okay so I am Bama I moved to make its couple months
ago my very first job in Vegas and I love this place it’s a great city it’s a
very good city and I love the people that are here they’ve been very helpful
with me her stuff okay I love the idea of the whole bitcoins how we accept
Bitcoin from the only club it’s a big Bitcoin and we have a Bitcoin ATM okay I
have a lot of friends that do Burning Man so they’re all into the
cryptocurrency they’re smart everyone else someone you
should come and you should throw some bitcoins at the girl of the ad this your
clothes digital laughing yes yes Digital tipping for everyone I think it’s
fantastic it’s the future okay where else can we
go but here dollars are gonna be obsolete soon yeah it’s all gonna be
online everything is it’s all just floating around in the cloud yeah did
not realize how big it was oh it’s growing exponentially now is the time to
get in on the ground floor yes by your lgd dollar sign coins
I’m bit restocking huh it’s all on the DL your wife doesn’t need to know I’m
not gonna tell Kirk does not gonna tell Tripp there’s no memory in the Cathar
world know you’ve been an ass but there is great memories and legends yes
gentlemen’s club let’s say I got a girlfriend that wants to come could she
join us this might be my girlfriend
we have a special appearance by crypto queen you can scan that you QR code get
that lap dancing under one second no money needs to exchange hands no one
needs to know it’s all on the DL in the VIP room at Legends ask for the crypto
queen when are you available she’s here every day your you’re a crypto King come
hang out with the crypto queen I am here in the VIP room and legends with the
founder Nick Lundgren it’s a pleasure to be at this fine establishment how you
doing today excellent hope my girlfriend doesn’t
find out that money that money tracing well you know she wouldn’t find out
about it if you came over here because then you would have the cryptocurrency
aspect of it and there’s no name attached to it oh wow that’s a pretty
nice convenience crypto how would someone get a crypto Legends coin is
that where it well you can you can use your Bitcoin you can do deuterium you
can use your other one like one like coin or you could purchase a membership
through bitch XCOM to the legends room with the LGD token and then you
touken as well there you go 5000 LGD tokens gets you VIP membership for life
you say oh I’m not gonna use all that it’s okay
you can sell your membership we read it out to others is that right yes if you
want to if you want to sell it you could sell it then buy it back then you can or
you could put it in our rental pool and you can you can receive a fee from
renting your token out perpetuity for being a strip club VIP member you lose
your money at the Rio come spend some money here and enjoy yourself no pain no
gain hang out with celebrities get some stories they’re gonna last forever
hey Stefan butter is it’s not a Photoshop he’s really here
it’s not a green screen I’m hanging out with a celebrity in the VIP room
it can happen to you too at Legends