Hi, this is Max and here’s a look from the “Go For It” game from Kyrie Irving Camp. As you can see, I was not the only one to play Kyrie Irving All Right. You get those trading cards. All 3 packs of them. If you miss, you gotta go sit down. Assume you make it you’re gonna back up to this spot. Kyrie’s gonna sign… You make that one you get all three prizes. All right, but if you miss at any point of the way, you gotta sit down. It’s called the go for it game. All right. I’m gonna start you there. Kyrie, could you do a quick picture with our auction winners? Let’s give these folks a round of applause Thanks to them over thousand dollars are going to the kids for camp fund. Let’s give this group a big round of applause. We appreciate your support. … what we’re doing here. So Mango’s first shot is right here. All right? Then Mango, let’s back you up a little bit. I heard you could shoot. That was the report the coaches gave us. I’m gonna back you up just a little bit. OK. All right. First shot for Mango, here we go. All right. That’s easy. Mango, you got the trading cards. All right, so what should he do, Walt? Go for it. Go for it. Go for it! All right, Mango. I think I know what you’re doing. Are you going for it? Going for the Nike Elite Bag, here we go. Second shot. One more chance. One more chance. All right, we’re giving him another chance. Oh! Just long. Kyrie said hey, they share a birthday. Normally we don’t give them one more chance but Mango we’re gonna give you one more chance. Hey, let’s get it, I think he likes a little noise. Let’s give him a little drum roll. Whoa. Go for it. Go for it. All right, this is from the foul line. What should he do? Go for it. Go for it. Oh! One more chance. It’s Kyrie’s camp. You gotta make the call. He’s gonna let him do it. He’s in a good mood today, I like it. I think going 9 and 0 yesterday got him in a good mood. All right. We’re gonna give you a couple consolation prizes. Have a seat. Do we have anybody from the Blue Devils division, coach Baker? Nicholas. Nick or Nicholas? He just wants to go by Nick. Let’s clap it up for Nick! First shot’s a layup. Come on back here. He’s going for it. The big guys, we don’t even get the go for it going, coach, until they knock down a couple. All right. Nick, take another shot. I didn’t give you the go ahead. That was on me. Give him a little pressure. Some times these are the harder shots than the… Got it. Oh! One more chance. Who said it, his teammate? One more chance. One more chance. It’s Kyrie’s camp. Kyrie might just want to go to the next person. You’re gonna let him have another chance Got it. All right. Here we go. Now you got a decision. You got a Nike Elite bag, some cards going for the shirt you can only get here. You going for it? All right. He’s gonna go for it. Give him a round of applause, here he goes. Give him a drum roll. Oh. One more chance. One more chance. Good teammates. Gonna let him have it again. We want to give this stuff away. Nice. All right. Now we got a little decision to make. Go for it. Go for it. All right, hold on a minute. You got this shirt. You got the bag. You got the trading cards. Now we got a signed basketball there if you can hit a three. He said he’s stopping? What should he do? Kyrie drew the line. One chance. Are you sticking with that? You’re sticking with one chance. He’s sticking with one chance. What should he do? All right, you guys, campers,quiet. Campers, campers, I need all the campers quiet.. Moms and Dads, what should he do? Where’s your parents? Are they here? All right, Mom, what should he do? She said go for it. Mom said to go for it! Here we go. For the signed ball, the shirt, the bag, we need, hey, hold on. We need a huge drum roll. We need a huge drumroll. Here we go. Step right up to that 3 line. Oh! Kyrie. It’s Sunday. It’s the Lord’s day, he’s giving you another chance. Clap it up for Kyrie. One more chance. We need a louder drumroll. Now this is it. This is it right here. This is it. All four prizes. For year four. Give Nick a round of applause! Go for it champion! Team champions. Team champions. Traveled the farthest. He drove 1531 miles to be with Kyrie Irving. It took 24 hours.