If you want to win against Manchester City, hich is really, really difficult
for every team in the world… ..you cannot play the way they play. Because they are definitely
the best in the way they play. It makes no sense. So we have
to try to…push through our way. In the beginning, not only because of us,
but it was wild – pressing and pressing,
not a lot of clear balls in behind. It was like everybody
tried to come in the game but was always under pressure
from the other team. But intense from the first second, you could
sense it was really important for both teams. Both teams were ready to put
a proper shift in, and they did. Then we scored two incredible goals… ..had to suffer in moments
because of the way City play, but I would say until the 75th minute
or around about, when they scored the goal,
we could control it in some way. But after that, you saw
immediately our legs got a bit tired. And then I don’t know how many balls were rolling through our six-yard box
in the far-post area – it doesn’t feel too good. You always think there must be a blue player
but, thank God, there was nobody. But that’s exactly
what City usually do. Of course, in moments
you need a little bit of luck. After they scored for 3-1 they had
momentum and we had heavy legs. We tried to change it a little bit,
we actually changed at half-time to 4-4-1-1, and changed back late in the game to 4-5-1. Yeah, I like the game. I love the atmosphere, it was incredible, people just amazing,
against an outstandingly strong opponent. Everybody asked me about –
and I didn’t see it yet – the penalty situation or handball
before Fabinho scores. I can’t say anything about it. What I
heard was handball from Bernardo Silva, I don’t know, but I can imagine it’s not
a situation Pep is really pleased with. That’s normal. But, still, the reaction
we showed in that situation – I heard that 22 seconds later
we were in front of their goal and Fabinho with
his stunner brings us the 1-0 lead. The second goal we scored, I don’t think
I ever saw a goal like this. Probably not. A right full-back with a 60-yard pass
to the left full-back, two more touches and a cross over
40 yards, 50? And a header. That’s pretty special. It was a good moment
to score a goal like this. And the third goal
very, very good as well, a sensational cross and Sadio
in the right position. That was all good, and all around
these three goals it was hardest work, and so the boys deserved
these three points. Great. You have to be careful with your questions,
obviously my answers are really long! Liverpool lost just one game last season, 12 undefeated so far this season, has going
invincible been in your head at any point? Not at all. The 100 per cent truth
is we just don’t think about it. What I thought after the game was… a word which I am not allowed to say. And then the boys go now all over
the world to play for their countries and hopefully come back healthy. Two days after they come back
we play Crystal Palace – that’s what I’m concerned about,
not how many games we won in the past. As you saw today again, it’s the hardest work
needed to win any football game, but a game like this especially. So I’m really happy for tonight, but that’s it. Jürgen, your team is handling
the pressure very well, do you have no doubts about
them continuing to do that? Handling pressure? We don’t feel the
pressure, to be 100 per cent honest. Where is the pressure? Look, the things will come up now,
we know that, and if you are with us you say,
“Wow, nine points.” There is a long way to go and lose here
a point, lose there a point and stuff like this, which will probably happen. Other people 100 per cent said already –
from now on Liverpool can only lose it, but that’s a very negative approach. You can see it like this, but we don’t care. I promise you we don’t care. We were today completely focused on this
game and not the situation in the table, how many points we are ahead of City. That’s crazy. Nine points, you cannot imagine
that something like this happens, but it’s not important, because
who wants to be first in early November? We want to be first in May
and not early November. We all know that, but we don’t have
to say that because it’s clear. We just try what we can and in the end
we will see what happens. The pressure or whatever is not there yet. Maybe it will come, but in the
moment it is just opportunity and go for it, do the work, throw in
all what you have and then let’s see what happens. Did you see Sean Cox? Yeah. Not at the game, here,
before the interviews. Yeah, great. It was very nice, nothing else
to say about it but it was nice. He was very happy to see me, but I
thought I was much more happy to see him, so I think we had a draw!
It was really, really nice. His wife and son were there as well,
so it was a wonderful day for them, that’s exactly what we wanted. I can say
already, whenever he wants to come – he can move to Liverpool and then he gets
a season ticket, 100 per cent. For all of the boys, it was really
important news when we heard he was able to
go to the stadium and watch a football game. I saw him today and, yes,
he could enjoy the game. So, all good.