Hello everyone! It’s almost 5:30 p.m. I have plans to go rock climbing with a friend. We’re going to be going to a place in Kitchener/Waterloo. I’ll be bringing my GoPro so hopefully I can film some epic clips! Let’s go~ Put your hands on the wheel dude! I haven’t gone rock climbing in so so so long. The last time I went rock climbing was before I even moved to Canada. Taikoo Shing (Cityplaza) always had those rock climbing and snowboarding events in the mall. That was the last time I went rock climbing and I was really young. That’s why I’m really excited to go rock climbing today. We finished rock climbing and Jason is in charge of driving. Do I trust him? Jason! This is not safe. Good afternoon! I just finished filming at home. Now I’m going to drive to Waterloo and pick my friend up from work. Then we’re going to go eat dinner. The restaurant we are going to is… The small one over there, Famoso. We just finished dinner. Oh, why is it filming me? How was dinner? It was good. We almost finished everything. Which one was your favourite? I think the Korean one was pretty good. They said it would be spicy, but it wasn’t! Karmen: It was pretty good. Karmen: Who was the one who ate the spicy Korean ramen and puked all over the place? LOL Karmen: This one! Cute is what [in Korean]? Kyeopta? My favourite type of aegyo is adding “ng” at the end. Let’s interview Sherry. No, let’s talk about Karmen. No, we’re going to talk about Sherry. Alright, question one. In your next life, would you want to be a guy or girl? A guy. // Karmen: I knew you were going to say that. Well after being a girl, of course I would want to be a guy! You won’t remember that you were a girl in this lifetime! Wow the sky is so nice~ Here we have the Laurier University campus. Karmen: Next question. I wanted to ask if you would want an older or younger sibling. I would want older siblings. We have arrived at the University of Waterloo campus. We’re just walking around. Look at that…University of Waterloo. // Karmen: The competitive one. Hardworking students… studying at 9pm. I went to go see my surgeon and dentist this morning. We heard some bad news and were really upset and cried. My mom was really sad too and she cried as well 🙁 So yeah. Basically this was an awful morning. I’ll leave all the details in my upcoming braces diary video. Today, I need to go to Waterloo to run some errands. Afterwards, I’m going to have a girls night out with my mom and sister! We’re going to go to Costco to buy some groceries first. What a girls night out, right mom? LOL Look what just came in the mail!! Fangirl mode ACTIVATED!! We have Leeteuk who I totally met your mom before LOL I got Heechul’s photo card. Omg it’s my biggest poster yet! A special thing about Costco is that everything is HUGE. One pack of toothpaste has 4 tubes! Look at how big this box of cornflakes is. I can’t even hold it with one hand. There’s 72 freaking waffles in one box. That’s ridiculous LOL. I have now entered Fairview Park Mall. Let’s go to The Face Shop now because there is absolutely nothing to look at here. I came here just to buy this cleanser. I lost it [cleanser] when I moved back from my dorm. I got a scaphoid fracture one year ago when I went snowboarding. You’ll see that my right arm is used to wearing a cast. So I still look a bit funny (and off balance) when I play xD But I love badminton too much so I met up with my friend to rally for a bit. We just finished playing 1.5 hours of badminton. My hair is really gross and I’m really sweaty. Look at this person. Very tired! We are going to go watch Minions!!! Okay I’ll talk to you guys later~ This is probably going to be the end of the vlog so good night everyone ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed this!