Children celebrating a birthday party at a cricket club suffered panic attacks after youths smashed windows and cars with a hammer  Staff from the Mumbles Cricket Club in Swansea claim three youngsters aged 15 to 17 carried out the shocking attack on Saturday, November 23 at around 7 30pm.   It is thought about £2,500 worth of damage was caused by the thugs and the kids were left feeling “frightened”, Wales Online reports  A spokesman for Mumbles Cricket Club said: “It was a 13-year-old’s party and we heard a massive smash At first I thought one of the kids had gone through the window.  “The man who was working on the photo booth sprinted outside and chased the youths out of the car park  “They had a pick hammer and also smashed two cars. If he hadn’t chased after them I think they would have targeted each car  “There was a car waiting to pick them up they were wearing dark hoodies.  “The back and side windows of both cars are smashed, about £500 worth of damage has been caused to each car and £2,000 worth of damage to the French doors Thankfully we have shutters on the doors.  “No one was physically hurt but there was loads of children stood by the doors When it happened everyone was rushing moving their kids.  “Some of the kids had panic attacks They were frightened, parents were also panicking. I just don’t know how this has happened It wasn’t nice to see.   “Parents tried to calm things down and we cleaned everything up but the party came to an end then as no one could enjoy it  “People then left and parents also came to pick their kids up.”  Mumbles Cricket Club regularly hold events for the community    She said: “We are a community club so we don’t charge people to use our club. We open the doors to events in the community and this is what happens It’s frustrating but it could have been so much worse.  “How frightening is it that teenagers are carrying around hammers? I was there working my third job in order to provide for my family