hey everyone I’m Riley Delbin and today
we’re kicking it with BGSU you rugby. I’m here with Tonya president of the
woman Rugby Club so Tonya tell me I don’t know anything about rugby so tell
me what what exactly do you do out here hardly anyone knows about rugby right
unfortunately most people compared to American football you have
15 people on the field you pass the ball or you can kick it too and it’s actually
like full on tackling do you have like positions like what do you play
I’m an inside center but there are 15 different positions and there is a
position for every person the rugby’s not really about your body type it’s
more about do you know what you have to do do you put the effort in and you get
the technique down so we have really fast people really strong people who
ever would like to try to play sport try rugby it’s for everyone wow that’s
amazing though so I’m excited to learn more do you think you could show me some
moves of course sure we don’t have helmets or
even shin guards we have nothing so a lot of it is proper technique but no
rugby is a pretty safe sport that’s why we practice three days a week
and then every other weekend we just had our alumni game, our 40 year
anniversary so women’s rugby has been around for 40 years. Amazing. Do you try out like the first week of school we do them every semester join whenever
because we don’t really have the pressure of like getting the team ready
yeah but if you want to join in the fall it should be the first two weeks of classes
I had a lot of fun learning this is sweet so there you have everybody Thank
You Tanya you