– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome
to “The Super Slow Show.” A lot of sports look fantastic
in slow-mo, and there’s a lot of athletes
right here in California. – Convenient.
– Unfortunately, today’s athlete
is in Austin, Texas. – Inconvenient.
– Let’s go. We’re here today at U.T.
on a basketball court because we wanna get
some gnarly slow-mo footage – of a slam dunk.
– Yeah, thing is, though, I tried and I got
about this far away from the rim
with my hands. I couldn’t get
anywhere near. – Pathetic.
– Yeah. I got about this far away
from the net. Even worse. So, thankfully,
we’ve got someone
who is much more competent than us at dunking–
Kevin Durant. Isn’t that slightly
overcompensating… – It’s quite a step up.
– …to go from us to Kevin Durant? – All right, Kevin.
– Yeah. – How’s it going?
– What’s up, guys? Might need to… Yeah, get me
in the shot there. We were very flattered to see that you have seen
a Slow Mo Guys video before. Yeah, man, when I go scrolling
on YouTube, uh, you know, I scrolled
past your guys’ page, and I got stuck there
for a couple hours. – And you–
– Which is a good thing
for you guys. – That’s awesome.
– Yeah, very good for us. I mean, I’ve seen you
slam dunk before, and you’re maybe in the air
for maybe one or two seconds. – Yeah?
– A little bit. Well, we want
to stretch it out – to maybe a minute.
– Really? Thirty seconds to a minute and see everything
in much more detail. – Sound good?
– Sounds great. All right, let’s do it. So in a second here, Kevin Durant
is going to run up and dunk on this net. You’ve all been outfitted
with disposable cameras. As soon as he leaves
the ground, you want to snap a picture so that when we follow
in slow motion, he’ll be in the air and all of your cameras
will flash… sort of at the same time, and it should look epic. In order to increase the
cinematic quality of the shot, the camera
is going to be speeding alongside him on this dolly. ( crowd cheering ) Kevin:
There you go. You got one. Gav:
Let’s watch it. Look at that. Let’s see
how our flashes did. Gav:
I think that you could
look more casual. It looks like someone just
lifted you up into midair. Dan: Oh, yeah. Gav: It looks like
you’re just walking. Dan: Yeah,
you just stood in midair. You just stood in midair
with your hand up. Make it look real easy. – Ah.
– Oh, man. – My favorite part
is this arm.
– Yeah. It’s just–
it’s so casual. I don’t know
where to put it. It’s like this arm
is playing basketball. This one’s waiting for a bus Do you get taught
to just have your hand there, like, “Yeah, whatever”? It’s just there.
I don’t even know. Nobody taught me
where to put it. Gav:
Excellent shot. Want to go again or… – Right.
– We could do it again. – One more.
– Yeah. ( crowd cheering ) You threw it really
far away from the net. Kevin:
I didn’t think
I would get this one. Gav:
You didn’t think
you’d get it? Kevin:
All the flashes looks nice. Gav:
Flashes look very nice. Is it scary
to hang off it like that? – Nah.
– Scary! I mean, for us,
that’s like a broken ankle. Yeah. That’s amazing.
Look at that shot. That looks cool.
You’ve just– completely
almost sideways. – It looks like–
– Like you’re caught
in a windstorm. Kevin:
If I let go, I’m falling. Well, Kevin, that was
an epic-looking dunk. Thank you, man. And these guys nailed
the flashes. Well done, chaps.
Well done, chaps. You know,
it was such a good dunk, we’ve decided to make you
an honorary member – of The Slow Mo Guys.
– Here you go. Got you a lab coat. Feel free to come back
whenever you want and be in one of our videos. Yeah. I like this.
Put it on? Comparing those back there, that one is
a lot bigger than ours. Yeah, we did it–
it looks like a dress on me. I like the cut-off action.
I might have to go that route. – Yeah?
– Rip one of the sleeves? You gonna wear this
every day? Sort of… You could wear it like
pajamas, I guess. I mean, the way fashion
is going now, I could pull this off. – Yeah, I reckon so.
– Hit the clubs. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Love it. – Yeah.
– Thank you very much for
watching the episode, and big ol’ thanks to
Kevin Durant for being in it. And being able to dunk,
unlike us. – Yeah.
– It’s all good. It’s not every day you get
to hang out with Kevin Durant. – Yeah.
– Not a bad one, that one. I have to say, I wasn’t
expecting that this morning,
that’s for sure. You wake up, you don’t– Turns out he can do
two types of dunks. Gah. Cheers. Well, Dan, it’s begun. How often do
we usually upload? – Once every three weeks?
– If that. I’d say once a month, maybe. Why don’t we try 16 a month? – So 16 times as much work?
– Pretty much. – Seems reasonable.
– Make sure you subscribe if you don’t want to miss it. – That is a lot of work.
– That’s a lot of work.