again with a very focused mindset it’s
not even smiling at the crowd which couldn’t mean that he might be nervous
or that he just wants to put his complete attention to the game it does
his usual warm-up moving around the court this is very important for the
mental game because by doing the habits that you usually do you tell yourself
that this isn’t anything new you’ve done this before right now you can see that
he’s just relaxing getting into the game so he’s not adding pressure on the other
hand Sai Praneeth is taken over the rally by trying to add as much pressure as
possible he keeps flame very common almost as if
he is trying to keep his nerves under control but as you can see he makes an
unforced error this might suggest that that’s the reason why he is very calm he
just wants to focus on the game and zone out everything else again he’s not doing
anything special he keeps playing like he usually does this will make a
consistent state of mind even though Sai Praneeth was on the lead
Kenta is just focusing on control he just wants to rally now that his mindset
is under control he becomes more comfortable smashing the score is five five now so just by
trying to stay mentally consistent in a relaxed state of mind he’s able to catch
up but in this rally we see that he might have brushed his mash trying to
get on the lead the score stays pretty much even all the way up until after the
interval we seek him to still being calm but now this time he doesn’t rush his
smash he attacks exactly when the right opportunity opens up these following
rallies is becoming more aggressive he just needed to focus on controlling
himself more now with this rally we can tell that can
do starting to Rush smashes and since praneeth has good defense and
positioning he’s able to counter Kento smashes with the following rally though
Kento doesn’t rush instead he sets up perfectly then
delivers the smash unfortunately for SAI need after the interval is slowly
loses his mental game making a lot of unforced errors gentle stage with the
mentality that he developed from the beginning and this is his advantage his consistent
state of mind which allows him to leave Sai Praneeth behind so that’s why I came
to won the first game he kept himself under control and at the same time he
took advantage of Sai needs unforced errors second game is basically a
reflection of the first gentle spin relaxed while Sai is deciding
pressure Sai Praneeth continues being aggressive but now the difference between kento’s
current attacking style and pernicious attacking style is the cantos relaxed
while he attacks per need was attacking so much because he knows that he needs
to win this game so it could have been a rushed attacking style now because of this Kenta gets way ahead
early in the game just like in the first game
Sai Praneeth wasn’t able to get himself under control making a lot of unforced
errors and this was basically how Kenta momota was able to win so just by having
and maintaining a consistent relaxed state of mind he was able to have a
tremendous advantage thank you so much for watching subscribe to see more
videos like this I will