full forecast CURRENTS Light winds and temps around 70 this hour TIME LAPSE Clouds moving out of Tama this morning CURRENT TEMPS Temps already warming into the lower 70s to the west, 60s to the east with clouds 24 HOUR TEMP CHANGE Quite a bit warmer in many spots today SAT/RAD Clouds are clearing out and that is helping us to warm up across the state REGIONAL FORECAST Warmer air filtering in, especially to the west where highs will be in the 80s and 90s SURFACE MAP High pressure still in control but a trough of low pressure turning cold front will be the next weather player by late week FUTURECAST No precipitation through at least Friday morning, and then better chances for rain by Friday afternoon HIGHS TODAY Highs warming into the low to mid 70s today TODAY Clouds departing, highs in the mid 70s TONIGHT Partly cloudy and comfortable, temps in the mid 50s 8 DAY FORECAST Warming back into the 80s by Friday, chances for storms back by Saturday into Sunday and then cooler weather back for the beginning of next week