Sir, I have license. I have license to walk, sir. Hey!
– Sir. Both of us are together. He wasn’t with us. Good. Boys! Triple seat? Triple seat? Triple seat? He is a kid, sir. He is my son.
I had taken him out for stroll. His mother is sitting behind. I mean, his father. Forget about the relationship.
His mother… …lacks milk.
So I’m feeding him as a father. Drink, milk, you rascal! This isn’t a triple seat case. Come on. I’ll drive.
We’ll go to school, son! We’ll have fun. Thank you, sir.
– Get lost! Greetings, sir.
– Hey, hero! Where’s your helmet? I forgot, sir. – PUC?
– I forgot, sir. Okay. – License?
– I forgot, sir. RC?
– I forgot, sir. Sir, but I have RC’s photograph. Let me see. I forgot my mobile phone, sir. Then why did you come out? Just like everyone. Sir, let’s make a deal
and end this issue. Hey! I’ll take fine from you. I’ll give you the receipt. This is Ashish Chanchlani’s video.
Got it? I don’t promote
corruption over here. Why, sir?
– Public post comments. We don’t want corruption.
I too don’t want it. Clear? Okay, sir.
– Keep your bike aside. Hey, you! What are you doing? Sir, I’m playing MPL. This is IPL gaming. You can earn money
by playing this game. You can transfer that
money through Paytm. I’ll transfer that
money and pay you money. Only then you’ll give me
the receipt, right, sir? Hold on! You said you don’t
have your phone with you. Did I say that?
– Yes. I forgot!
– Hey! Run! It’s not my bike.
– Not mine either. No. It’s mine. Sell it! License? RC? PUC? Insurance? Hall ticket? PAN card? CBSC board’s question paper. Show me 10th grade’s mark sheet. Slam book? Electricity bill? Three months bill. If you have so many
documents with you… …why did you escape? I forgot charger at home, sir.
My phone ran out of battery. That’s why I was going. Such a fool! Let’s go. Why isn’t my bike starting? Hello. Yes, dad. Dad, my bike isn’t starting. Dad, where did you
keep my bike’s charger? Dad, I’m not carrying a
power bank, too. How will I charge my bike now? What do you mean by
it can’t be charged? Forget it. Where’s the… …power button of this bike? I’ll have to restart the bike. Dad, why are you feeling bad? Hello! Aren’t you ashamed of this? A beautiful, young girl who
got her waxing done is here. Can’t you help her? Horn is working,
but I can’t start my bike. Come and check.
– Coming. Started. Wow!
– Done. Are you a mechanic? No, sister. I’m a human. Wow! Thank you.
– Go. I guess, every man is a mechanic. It has started! What happened? Come. Yes. Coming! Ashu, I’m getting late. Yes. Coming! Come fast. Can’t you see?
How could I cross the road? As soon as I step
forward, vehicle crosses. No one is over here now.
I stepped now. See! This is cheating. I don’t want to come that side. I won’t come. This is cheating. What should I do?
As soon as I step ahead… You, rascal!
– Come now. Yeah! Go. Drive only here. Drive just here. Drive over my body.
– Why are you wasting time? Drive over my body! You… Ashu, I’m getting late.
– Simu, wait. Simu… Hi. Hi. Are you coming or not? Why are you talking to that guy?
I’m com… Are you coming or not?
I’m asking you for the last time. Why are you having coffee with him?
You! Come here.
– Simu, I’m coming. Simu… – Get lost! Are you coming or not? Don’t accept his proposal.
I’m coming. Are you coming or not? Simu, don’t accept his ring. I will… Yes. Simu, I love you a lot. Ashu. Why are you getting married to him?
I’m coming, Simu. Are you coming or not? I don’t know…
– Yes, come on, you too. Go on. The same man is coming time and
again. He’s coming for the fourth time. I’m asking you for the last time. Are you coming or not? Get lost! – I’m not coming. Why aren’t you all coming now?
My girlfriend’s left me. My girlfriend’s left me.
Go on. Drive over me. Go on! Excuse me, the stand. Ma’am, the stand.
– He’s telling you. Okay. Ma’am, not that.
I meant the stand. Loafers!
They keep teasing the girls. Darn it!
Now I’m least bothered now. Is the lunch ready? You keep playing
PUBG the whole day. At least say a bye to your dad. Never mind. It should get
cleared in five minutes. Hey! Stop honking!
The cars won’t move! Move! The time seems have
stopped, isn’t it? When will I reach home? I will have my turn. I will have my turn. Darn with the time!
I want to go home! Oh no! *** Good morning, sir. Do you want to brush, rascal? Hey you! Do you want to brush? Who is that ***?
– He’s the scoundrel. He was the one. Oh my! I can see the moon! There’s traffic up to the moon. Uncle. Daughter of Mercedes
owner has ran away… …with the son of
a cheap car’s owner. Hello, guys. This is my first vlog. And, the topic of this vlog… …is traffic.
As you can see… …that there’s so much
traffic everywhere. Thank you, so much guys. It’s due to your love… …and the love of the traffic… …that I have 100,000 subscribers. And
I have received a silver play button. Silver Play button?
– Thank you so much for this. He started the channel just now. How did
get the Silver Play button so soon? Yes, Mr. BB. No, please…. …handle the fan-fest this year. No, I’m very busy.
I have to handle the traffic. How long will it take? Is this a dream? Empty road? Thank you, God!
I can finally go home! Thank you! I have reached home! I have…
– Who are you? You? Mom! My old dad has come,
sell off the new dad. New dad? You got remarried… …just because I got
stuck in the traffic. Kamla. Here. Come here. What is this? Why do you stop the
bike with your legs? Apply the brakes.
– That was my brake. Never mind. Come back here.
– Let me take a turn. Have you gone crazy to
take a U-turn? Come here. It’s a wrong way. The entire road is
empty yet she… God, I’m grateful that she’s here.
– Stop the bike. You daughter of an idiot! Have you gone crazy? Why are
you braking with your legs? Apply the brakes. – Sorry. Now, come from here.
– You miss me so much? Come from here. – I will. You idiot! Have you gone crazy?
Don’t go around again. Stop. What kind of a person
brakes a bike with legs? I must think of something. Listen. You will apply… …the brakes when I ask you to.
– Okay. Come on. Apply the brake! Hello, everyone.
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