[Dialling] [Phone ringing] -Hello. -Hey how you going Archie? -Good thank you. -Who’s your favourite Australian cricketer? -Gary -Gary Lyon? -Yes. -Is he? I’m not sure if you know about
this but I’ve got some pretty special news for you. Do you know what it is? -No. -Well I’ve been watching a few highlights of
your cricket. I’m really pleased to tell you you’ve been
picked in the squad for the Boxing Day test match! -Yes! -You know that? How good is that? What do you reckon about that? -Thank you. -Hey and the other thing is mate, when the
test match is on in Adelaide we’ll get you -to come to the first training session with
us, ok? -Thank you! -I’m not sure at this stage if you’ll be in
the first eleven and play against India but -you’re definitely in the squad ok? We’re going to see you in Melbourne for the
Boxing Day test. -I’ll get Virat Kohli out! -Get Kohli out?! Yeah you’ll get him easy mate! [Laughing] -Easy done! -Easy done you reckon? Do you like batting or bowling more? -Bowling. -Do you? What do you bowl? -Leg spin. -Awesome, like Warney. -Yes. -Alright well listen I can’t wait to see you. Gary will be looking forward to seeing you
too. You can teach him about leggies, he can teach
you about off spinners ok? -Ok. -Well done again. See you mum and dad. -Thank you so much! -Good luck mate, good luck. -Bye.