[SOT: Fx. Have fun Selena] That was Selena Gomez showing up at the Valley
Ice Center where she sat rink-side to watch Justin Bieber play a game of hockey. The 25-year-old showed up in an all-black
ensemble and jean jacket… but when she left the rink – in Justin’s car, she was wearing
his New Jersey Devil’s hockey jersey… Of course, their night didn’t stop there. He drove her home and tried to avoid cameras…
but we were able to sneak a few frames of the twosome… looking happy as can be. Like they never missed a beat. [SOT: Are you guys dating again, what’s
going on? We love you guys. The fans all want to know.] It’s only been a few days since news broke
that Selena and The Weeknd have gone their separate ways… and in those days we’re
starting to get the feeling that things are heating up between these former flames. And it’s only going to get hotter.