– [Narrator] At the
American Heart Association, we believe you’re never too young to be a heart hero. Our community service learning programs, Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart, help your students learn
heart healthy habits, as well as make a difference
in the lives of others. – It’s more than just a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. It really is a partnership
that we enter into and there are benefits for both sides. – Good morning Sweeny Elementary. I am so excited to be here to kick off another year of Jump Rope for Heart. (applause) – There are benefits to staff, there are benefits to the
students at all grade levels, there are benefits to the community. – At the American Heart Association, we wanna help people
live long healthy lives. We are gonna talk about how you guys can be heart heroes today. – The children love it, they
look forward to it every year. – Every student in school
can take part in something bigger than themselves. – The students take away
motivation, cooperation, love for others, and I
think the biggest thing is compassion. – [Narrator] At the
heart of all our programs is education teaching your students how to live a heart healthy lifestyle. – I think it’s very
beneficial for our students to see that heart disease
and heart related illnesses can impact anyone. – There are five things that you can do to have a healthy heart. The first one is to get 60
minutes of exercise a day. – After the assembly, they’re coming home and talking to their parents
about healthy choices and I’m making a good decision. Instead of eating a
cookie, I’m eating grapes. – How many of you guys think you can do some of these things to
keep your heart healthy? Awesome. I love it. – [Narrator] The American
Heart Association customizes a program
especially for your school. We’re with you every step of the way. – The Heart Association makes it so easy to take on these events. – Okay friends, so we are gonna be doing our Jump Rope for Heart stations today. That’s gonna help us to keep
our heart nice and strong. – The day of Hoops for
Heart is just grand. Everybody’s excited. We’ll have different stations. – Put your hand over
your heart, let me see. Is it beating faster? Yes, awesome, high five it. You are working that heart super hard. – The American Heart Association
will always give us tools, ideas, things that we can
use to motivate the kids. – This is the moment I
think you all have been waiting for, our top
ten students are going to get to silly string Coach
Wright and Mr. Lockmiller. – They make it simplified for us so that makes it that
much easier to go back and say let’s do this again. – Here are your Jump
Rope for Heart envelopes. – [Narrator] As students
learn about heart health, they can also choose to raise needed funds to support the work of the
American Heart Association. Over the 40 years of
collaboration with schools, students have helped to save many lives. – Drum roll please. You guys raised an incredible $5,112. – There’s no amount of money too small that’s not gonna be beneficial
to the Heart Association. – Mr. Tanner raised $190. (applause) We wanna present him with a medal. It says I did my part to save a heart. (applause) – [Narrator] As a special thanks, students can earn rewards for
their fundraising efforts. – Colton. (applause) Awesome, you raised at least $75. Nice job bud, that’s awesome. Ava. Here’s your lanyard. Good job, way to be a heart hero. – [Narrator] Plus, heart healthy
incentives for your school encourage your students to
stay moving all year long. – I have approximately raised $2,800 from US Game Certificates to use for my PE program equipment. It’s not about getting the
equipment, that is a plus. It is about helping
children with sick hearts. That’s what my kids say all the time. – I jumped for Audrey. – Most of the families
and most of the students have had experience with a
family member with a heart issue. – I truly believe the
American Heart Association helps people live longer lives now. That is why I do it. – It’s really about impacting people and impacting kids. – I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the work of the
American Heart Association. The research and the
work that they’re doing ultimately it could mean days,
years, months to our lives. That’s important to all of us. – Thumbs up if your
heart got stronger today. Awesome. – [Narrator] Now’s the time
for your school to jump in. Be a heart hero, join the
American Heart Association as we change lives one jump, one shot, one heart at a time. ♫ What you’re doing is _