Having your own shoe is the
ultimate sign of NBA success. And there are a lot of them. But one player, Jayson
Tatum of the Boston Celtics, is taking his sneaker game to
a level previously unreached. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] ANNOUNCER: They said
it was impossible. They said it couldn’t be done. They said a basketball
shoe couldn’t cost $1,000. They were wrong. Introducing the Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand, the first basketball
shoe that costs $1,000. $500 each. ANNOUNCER: The Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand is the first shoe scientifically
engineered to cost $1,000. Its aerodynamic design lifts the
money right out of your wallet, making you lighter to
increase your vertical leap. That’s just money science. ANNOUNCER: The Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand. Isn’t it time
you spent $1,000? ANNOUNCER: Available at
Rich Dick’s Sporting Goods. [APPLAUSE] Congratulations for finally
tearing that wall down, Jayson. If you like that video, click
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