We’re here today in Leicester for the Invictus
trials of the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Team. So this is a selection camp and from
that, the team that is going to represent Great Britain at the Invictus Games will be selected. We’ve been working with our squad for the
last two months and obviously this trial has been very, very stressful for them. But they’ve
put in 100%. We have been hugely impressed by their efforts. Everyone wants to be part of the Invictus
Games, so it is very competitive. I would love to compete, I have put my heart
and soul into every training session. I’ve only dreamt about competing for Great Britain
since all of this has started. Having the Leicester Tigers Wheelchair Rugby
Team here today was great for us as coaches because we had very, very skilled players to play
against. We’ve just come along to support the guys
who are going to competing in the Invictus Games. Obviously it is a new sport for them,
so we are trying to introduce the tactics to them. Hopefully over the next couple of
weeks their training in today’s games will put them in good stead to take on the teams
in September. Playing against a professional side, to us it showed
us we need to tighten up our skills. Look at the court, look at where people are playing
and just try to improve! If you want the excitement and the rush –
wheelchair rugby is the one! It’s a spectator’s sport. It’s action filled
and a crowd pleaser. This is going to be fast, this is going to
be furious. You’re going to see things you didn’t expect from people that are in wheelchairs.
This is a pretty dynamic thing to watch and I’ve got no doubt at all you will be inspired
by it.