The All Black Sevens
continue to prepare for their homecoming leg
of the World Sevens Series based in the Waikato. Training has just finished up, for more we cross live
to the Waikato to Te Okiwa McLean, Te Okiwa, you’re
at the last training session what’s the feeling like in the TRON? Yes, I am Scotty. I’m at Beetham Park
as the All Black Sevens have just wrapped up
their final training session ahead of the big dance this weekend. However, I spoke
with Ngati Ranginui’s Joe Webber who is feeling on top of the world to be back in his
old stomping grounds. Joe Webber missed out
on the Commonwealth Games and the world cup due
to a serious injury aye? Indeed, Webber was ruled out
of most of last year as he suffered
from reactive arthritis in his shoulder, knee and ankle. However, he bounced back
towards the end of last year and hopes to keep injury-free
from here on in. Webber is also a father, he probably knows now
that playing rugby is not the most important thing
in the world? Correct! Webber is, in fact, a father to his son
and is definitely excited to play on home soil
in front of his whanau. He says his son is his motivation
day in day out. Tomorrow, I will be focusing
on the Black Ferns as they have
their final captains run ahead of this weekend. Tune in again tomorrow
at 4 pm for more information, Scotty. Thank you for the update
from Hamilton, Te Okiwa McLean.