Hello. How are we? Welcome along to Villa Park. Liverpool’s kids proved
they’re more than all right in midweek with their Carabao Cup
victory over Arsenal, but it’s back to a far more familiar line-up
for the Reds this afternoon. It’s a ground where Liverpool have fared very
well in the Premier League over the years, just one defeat in their last 18 games here. Jürgen, how are you, are you well? Very good, and you? What normally happens with the captain,
I go and get you and bring you. KIDS: Adrian! Alisson! Hendo, let’s go! Let’s go, come on! KIDS: Salah! Salah! Jürgen! Thank you. ..through a period of silence. ‘THE LAST POST’ PLAYS OVER PA SYSTEM: Half-time at Villa Park,
Aston Villa 1-0 Liverpool. VIRGIL: Come on, guys. Come on! ♫ Oh, Liverpool, we love you! ♫ ♫ I’m Villa till I die! ♫ AWAY FANS: Yes! ♫ Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! ♫ ♫ Liverpool, top of the league! ♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league! ♫ FINAL WHISTLE AND FANS ROAR ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… ♫ ♫ Oh, Andy, Andy ♫ Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy Robertson ♫ Oh, Andy, Andy ♫ Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy Robertson. ♫ FANS CONTINUE CHANTING That’s what we do. Get in. You good? Blocking me from set-pieces, man. All good, we knew that Sheffield was a tough
place to go, and we knew it today. Anyway, it makes it even more worthy or
valuable that we still got the three points, which is really nice. – Well done.
– Thank you. Cheers, just the BBC. Just the BBC. How we doing, mate? – You OK?
– Yeah, good, you? Good, thank you. I’ll go on the other side. Trent, I’m not sure how much more
the fans can take of this, you’ve got another nine months
to put them through. I know, obviously we want to be
winning games differently to the way we have been recently,
but a win’s a win, these are the ones that entertain
the fans the most. I’m sure we need to be 100 per cent to make sure we keep our concentration
throughout the whole game. – Well done.
– Thank you. Well done, mate. HE WHISTLES A wee goal again! Here we go again. Excuse me. Safe journey!