We have not had a day where effort was
an issue, and for that the credit to them, because you know they’re starting
to understand how hard it is to win. And It all starts in practice so I give all
the kids that credit for that, being able to come in, get up and get the work done. I want to play, in transition I want to play fast, and we want to shoot open
threes. Yyou know we want to the kids have some fun, so I think moving forward
that’s kind of what you’ll see from us. The thing I love about this place is everybody’s very helpful. The doors are open you go in and ask
a question to a fellow coach or to an administrator, so far everybody’s kind
of helped me get situated. The first three home games I’ve been pleasantly
surprised with the attendance. I thought the fans have been a great energy-giver
for our team. Especially last night, we got off to a slow start, I thought that
gave our kids some energy and we were able to hold on and pull the game out. The first time, I was telling my staff that’s the first time I’ve been home since I played
in college. So probably the last 13, 14 years I’ve been, you know, coaching or
traveling so my plans are to try to you know I make about six, seven stops
within the Massachusetts area and see my family. I’m just looking forward to everybody coming out December 1st at Babson College to support us that’s
the next game against Salem State at five o’clock in the Big Four. I think our
kids are really looking forward to that tournament.
It’s an exciting tournament all the four schools involved, and we’re looking for as much
support that we can get. We’re looking forward to it!