it’s still what it was a hundred years
ago it’s a holy war it’s a crusade applied to Yale, felt like it was a better fit and he said well son you’ve made the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your life Play in the moment, you are the best team on the field today We were the team to beat Yale gentlemen you are now about to play Harvard you will never do anything so important the
rest of your life I think it’s been an incredible honor just to be a part of
such a rich historical institution and football team it’s meant a whole lot to
me it’s meant a lot to my family it’s meant a lot to my community just the
name itself means a lot and ya know to be a part of that to have been here for five
years to be elected the captain it’s been an incredible honor to me and it’s
something I’ll never forget is something I’ll always cherish being such a
historic program storied and having a very good winning record and coming
in here it was something that I was extremely excited for being apart of this
is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life working with these coaches these players it’s really
something you can’t get anywhere else it was tough it’s hard but that’s what
we love about it and it’s you know molded me into an incredible man I think
I’m progressing to be today and I really owe it all to this program. I guess just to soak it
all in you know because four years fly by a lot faster than you think. you know just kind of try
to remember everything that you can about you know the people that you
played with because you know seniors kind of come and go as you go along in
the program you know you forget a couple of the faces but you know just try to
be as present in the moment as you possibly can at all times this senior
class is full of a bunch of different personalities we have guys that lead by
example other guys who are leaders that are extremely vocal we have guys who are
resilient that keep fighting no matter what we have a lot of guys who face
injuries didn’t let that stop them they’re still
pushing hard now and they just keep fighting Harvard football for me is about
the teammates I came here because people I met the coaches the players and that’s
what’s kept me going is going out there with all my friends the relationships
I’ve built I mean just made really special every game every practice of
your workout it’s all made it worth it just because the people I’m with surrounding me [cheering] [Inaudible] [Inaudible] my biggest message in any Yale game
whether we’re competing for the championship or just for pride but the
end of the day it is all about pride any big game any rivalry game whether it’s
Ohio State Michigan Auburn Alabama it’s all about pride pride in our program
pride in our team pride in our school this senior class is a lot like our
other senior classes in the best possible context the high character guys
they’ve led by example they’ve done everything they can for this program and
they’ll go out into the world and accomplish some great things. It really has just had a lasting impact on me they like since the day I got here
they just showed me how to come in everyday and just put the work in like
this is one of the most like grittiest groups I’ve been around I thank every
single last one of them every day day in and day out I just come in they you know
they come, put their best foot forward they just work and they just grind
that’s just something that we’re gonna continue to carry along with us into the
next year then into my life like past football and that’s just something I
really paint them for I love y’all man I’ll miss y’all and let’s go out win
this thing