So, let’s start with last year’s extremely
controversial season of the PPL. You were simply missing, Bhaisaab! Well, I am here now. I want to change cricket
in our country. I want to take it from
a Commonwealth sport to a global one. And you’re doing all
this for the love of the game, Right? Yes. Bhaisaab, this is the kind of power I want. Even today I am as
weak as I was before. I want to be like you. First name of the day. Mr. Arvind Vashishth! If you agree to take up the captaincy
of the Haryana Hurricanes, I will help you catch
Niranjan Suri’s killer. What do you say? Are we on? And Sold! Up next, pacers. Prashant Kanaujia Look, I am bleeding. I can still feel it. Yes, but he’s clearly off form. I don’t care! I am the captain of the Mavericks
and I decide. I want Prashant in the team. In cricket, PEDs,
or Performance Enhancing Drugs,can change a player’s fortunes. Once the players take this… the Hurricanes will win. If I find out… that you have allowed
any wrongdoing in the PPL, I assure you that you… and this PowerPlay League will be appropriately punished. As captain,
you need to get a grip on yourself. you can watch and learn on the field. And look at
how I sabotage your PPL comeback. Arvind Vashishth vs Vayu Raghavan. Quite something. Four… Three… Two… I can’t let you kill the game. Maybe the time to evolve is now. Regardless of whose help
he might seek out, that trophy is mine. I want to prove myself. If you had even a bit of
self respect left in you, you would have resigned
from the team captaincy. I can’t do it anymore. I can think of only one person
who can do something like this. Are you watching? Yes, I am. It’s all happening just the way I planned it.