(MY WORKOUT) I’m Gro Hammerseng-Edin, I’m a professional
handball player and an Olympic champion. In our sport,
speed, explosiveness, jumping ability and quickness
are important. Now we’re going
to show you an exercise we use to practise
these things. (STAIR RUNNING) Now Anja will show an exercise
we call stair running and it’s about moving your feet as quickly as possible
up a staircase. So first time she’ll do it
straight forward… ..because some movements in
handball are forward movements. Then we have another variant,
where Anja moves sideways, because we also do that. In handball
a lot of the defensive play is sideways movement. Therefore this is a nice
exercise to practise. And then you jump a lot
in handball. To shoot. And you can practise that
by jumping up the stairs. The reason why
this exercise is very good is that we need quickness
in our legs in order to play good handball. We need to be explosive
in order to win 1v1s. But if you’re a beginner, maybe you should take it slowly
to begin with, maybe just one step at a time,
don’t try to jump two. Be careful! (MY WORKOUT)