Hi, I’m Jocelyne
Lamoureux-Davidson and I’m an Olympian. I’m gonna take you through
some plyometric exercise that’s gonna help
your on-ice game. Now, I’m gonna show you some progressions in our
lateral bound that me and my team-mates do
to help us perform on the ice better. So, the first one of our
three-step progression is gonna be a lateral bound
with a stick. So what that’s gonna look like is you’re gonna hold on
one foot and you’re gonna jump
high and far. Even if you lose your balance, if you gotta put your
foot down, still catch that, hold that
position for two seconds. Then you’re going to
go again and stick it. Get a solid stick…and catch. That’s gonna help us slow down,
decelerate. You’re gonna do that for about
three sets of six, each side. So what that is gonna do,
that stick is gonna help you accept your weight,
you’re going to decelerate and that’s gonna help you stop
in a safe fashion before you take off again. So, the next progression
would be in a 45-degree jump, which is more similar
to a skating stride. So, what that looks like… And this will be with
a stick as well. So you’re gonna pause here,
jump, stick, and a 45-degree jump,
solid landing. Same thing, stick it. Try and avoid that knee
coming in that way. Keep that knee pushed out, OK? 45 degrees. Same thing,
three sets of six each leg. And then the next one
would be continuous. So, in the game of hockey,
it’s a game of speed and change of direction. You want to be able to stop and
get flying out the other way as fast as you can. So, what this one looks like
is, OK, I start on one leg, and then it’s continuous. Making sure that we have good
form and still catch that in a low position,
just like we’re skating and then jumping out of that
position as fast as we can, high and far. And what that is gonna do is
help you stop on a dime and get going the other way. Whether it’s…someone dumps
the puck in and you gotta go or you’re stopping and
trying to beat a defender, that’s gonna help you increase
your on-ice performance. I hope these drills help you
and you find that this makes a difference
in your next season. Thanks for watching. I’m Jocelyne
Lamoureux-Davidson. Bye.