I was maybe two or three actually when my parents took me ice skating and I guess from there they said every time I got in the car I said are we going to go skate? Slowly they introduced me to a little bit of hockey around four or five. I was just hooked. It’s just one of those things that from the time you’re little you can pick up a stick and you never want to put it down. I think hockey in Sweden is definitely in the top two for sports. Some would say football and some would say hockey. Our team, we’ve been around since 1912. You can tell how how important hockey is,
it’s everywhere we go. I’m pretty interested personally in the technological advances in the skates and things, so I try and keep up with the newest pair every year. If something new comes out I switch to it, and I’m constantly changing different things on my steels and different ways I can perform better so good managers, kind of help to guide you in the right direction for those kind of things. It’s also kind of trial and error. Sometimes you just go on the ice and try something new and see if you like it enough. The first thing that you do when when you have a new skate, you have to put on a profile. Some guys they have a really
short profile and some guys have a long profile. There’s hundreds of them.
They look like this. This is one profile that you sharp to the steel. The new profiles, it’s actually like a car. You have number one in the front, number two and number three and number four in the back. You start on the number one profile
and then maybe use number one and two, and then when you have maximum full
speed you’re on three or four. And then after that you put on a hollow. That’s how sharp the edge feels. If you could look at it it’s like this. So if it’s sharp on this side and this side and inside that’s the hollow and
the deeper this is, the sharper the skates, the edges. Some of the players are really interested to know ‘how can I get faster?’ Or ‘how can I make a quick turn?’ or something. The main thing is the profile but you can also do something with the hollow. So this is new Sandvik steel. It’s harder than the other steels so you don’t get the scratches of the other steels, and with the other steels you have three to five resharpenings during a game. That’s not happening anymore, and of course it makes my life a little bit easier.