Okay Sam. What is up? I’m very happy because basically it is my
birthday. Well not today. Not today. But it is coming up soon. It two days it is my birthday and you asked
me a couple of weeks ago what do you want for your birthday? So I realized we were going to be in Zagreb
so I was like researching some things. Hmmm. Should I go out for a nice dinner? Should I have something else? But then I realized they have a hockey team. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And you know how much I like ice hockey. Like being a Canadian and being away from
Canada that is one of the things I miss the most. Aside from family and friends is actually
going to live hockey games. So when I found out they had a team here I
was like that is my birthday present. So we are going to watch a Medveščak Zagreb
game. And they used to be in Kontinental Hockey
League but now they’ve switched back to the Austrian League so they’re playing Vienna
tonight. Oh and we’re going to go checkout that game
and show you the whole experience. So we’re going to grab a bite to eat and then
yeah then we’re going to probably take some public transport to get there. Alright, let’s do this. Let’s do this. Oh, and I’m getting a team hat. Okay. That is also one of my birthday presents. Haha. Alright. Alright, let’s get going. Sam has also been trying to befriend this
cat for a few days now and it usually ignores him. Look at that you got a few pets. There he goes. There he goes. That is another birthday present. I got a few pets and I’ve been trying to pet
that cat for so long. He’s been so skittish except for today. And it saw you and it ran off. It knows which one to trust. Okay. Thanks a lot Sam. Let’s go. It knows which one to trust. So as a reward for sitting through a hockey
game with Sam I get Mexican food which I’m super pumped about. California Burrito. Wait, that is the wrong one Sam. You just passed it. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited about hockey that I’m not even
thinking. California Burrito. There is the menu. There we go. Well it has arrived already. Just like that. Burrito time. Oh, this feels like it is nice and solid. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m so hungry. It has been a while since we ate lunch. Yeah, we had a huge lunch but I think we had
it at like eleven in the morning and it is now almost six. OMG. I got the chicken one. That is a behemoth. I hope it is good. This place is again is so close to where we
are staying. It is like two minutes. Good stuff? It is like 30 seconds from our door. Yeah, exactly. Our airbnb is an awesome location here. We’re so close to some really good restaurants. Actually we’re just like in the heart of the
downtown. Thumbs up? So Sam how is that pre-hockey meal? It is pretty good. I think I’ve got more on my beard and mustache
than in my mouth. I know you’re getting pretty furry. Yeah, I really do need to expedite that haircut
and shave. But yeah, this is perfect. This is going this will tide me through until
we get to the game. But I do plan to get some food there too. Hopefully a beer. And my hat. Don’t forget the hat. Okay Sam give us the update. Burritos have been consumed. So those burritos were so big that we actually
decided to walk to the rink instead of take public transportation. I feel like I kind of have to burn them off
a bit. Especially if I want to get some more food
while I’m at the game. Time to go buy those tickets. Those tickets. Alright Sam tickets in hand. So the biggest surprise was the price. Yeah. And would you guess it is expensive or not
expensive? Urgh, I know nothing about hockey so you just
tell us. It is really inexpensive. So it was 30 Kuna and so that came to like
5 US dollars I believe. What kind of seats did you get for 5 bucks. Ah, they are all the same price throughout
the whole arena. Oh, so she said she was giving us the two
best seats so hopefully we can trust her. Well, well. The ticket ladies opinion but yeah we’ve got
our tickets so let’s go in. Let’s go. Lead the way. Let’s do this. You have something to show us. I got the hat and I forgot to tell you the
team name is the bears. That is a ferocious looking bear. And ready for my superman moment. Oh my gosh he’s stripping down. They were both quite cheap. I think it was 90 for the shirt and 60 for
the hat. Kuna. About 10 bucks for the hat and 15 bucks for
the shirt. Cool. So yeah within my budget. I’ve got the goodies. Big thing of popcorn. This was Crno beer. it looks like a dark beer. And yeah we’re set for the game. Both were the beer was only 15. The popcorn was 20. And so like that is I think like five US dollars
or something total. So reasonably priced and yeah let’s go watch
some hockey. (Announcements) (Cheering) Yeah! Woo! (Cheering) Update. Alright, update. So the first period is over and the action
was really good. Lots of back and forth. Actually it looked like Vienna was going to
score first but then we rallied and we ended up scoring late in the period. So guess what we’re up one nothing. That is awesome. (Cheering) (Clapping) (Booing) Alright. Second break. People are really angry. Not second break. End of the second period. Alright. Anyways, it was an awesome second period for
us because we scored two goals and now we’re up 3 to 1. So the big question is can we hold onto the
lead and win this game. Let’s find out. (Cheering) Ole ole! (Cheering) So that wraps up our hockey experience here
in Zagreb, Croatia. Your birthday hockey. It was an awesome birthday present. That was such great entertainment. Like I had so much fun. And it was so cool that the home team won. Yeah. We didn’t just win by like a goal or two. We ended up beating them 4-1. And the crowd really got into it. At the very end of the game all the players
came out and had like salutes and cheers. And it was just like the entertainment value
was insane. Yeah, that was surprising. Like normally people are rushing to get out
and beat the crowds. It was like they won the championship or something. That is cool I mean it really got the fans
into it and it was just such a good experience. So yeah, if you’re visiting Zagreb and you
can come to one of these games. I highly highly recommend it. I’d go to another one for sure.