– Hey guys its Thursday and that’s when the Geekify Guys actually play games. – Thursday game day! – I think he did that like
in every video so far. – It’s gonna happen Derral. – It’s one of those
things that keep on going. – It’s gonna happen until I stop doing it. – But we’re here with a
geekify game member, Josh. – Sup – Hello Josh how are you? – You’re in the gang now. – Awesome. – How does it feel to be in the gang? – It feels amazing. – All his wildest dreams are coming true. – I’ve always wondered. – Thursday game day. – Oh no. – There you go, there you go. – You don’t copy Jared! So every Thursday we actually see what’s inside the treasure chest of glory. And so let’s open this thing up. (upbeat game music) Oh what is it? There’s a cover on it. – Ice hockey. – Ice hockey. – I played this game a few times. – I think gosh it’s been a long time but I wanna say I’ve played
some sort of ice hockey. – So all I gotta say is my team, cause somebody always goes for America, and I always go for another team. You wanna guess what team that is? – Canada? – ♫Oh Canada♫ is wrong. – How did I know? What! – Is wrong. – Where do you, who do you vote for? – You just gotta wait. – Kay. – You just gotta wait. – Let’s see your team dude. – [Voiceover] Alright – Let’s play the game. – So hit start ok. – Sweden. – This is my team dude. – Poland? – Poland. – Why Poland? – Poland is the most
amazing place in the world. I love it. – Oh you just actually went there. – I did, it is so cool It is so cool that I used
to play Poland all the time They have like the best – So Josh who are you gonna pick? – Well I’m not sure if
this game is more partial to Russia or maybe I’m just going to stick with the good old US of A. – It’s not Russia it’s – U S A U S A U S A – URS – You’re just picking
colors at this point. – Alright. – Let’s go. Here we go So where Carl and I are on the team I think we need to change
these guys out to look like us. – What are you trying to say dude? – Hey all I have to say is
that’s what we look like. – Wow that’s true. – That’s awesome. – We might not be the fastest skaters, but we can sure take a hit. – Who’s the one skinny dude? – oh oh my gosh – I have played this game. – No way. – Oh nice block USA. – Come on. – What are you doing? – I’m not sure. – You can’t do stuff like that. – Dude that goals wide open. – Oh nice. – Oh where’s my guy. – No, no, no, no, no. – Go go go go go go – No defenders. – Pass, pass, pass. – I’m trying. I’m trying he’s like we’re just a little bit slower than – Wow two skates by itself. – Yes. – No. No. (cheering) – Skinny guy for the score. – Those big dudes are brawlers. – Dude, yeah they’re brawlers but I should have got a couple skinny guys cause they’re a lot fasters – Yeah they just scored. – Slippin’ up (cheering) – USA – USA – What happened? – Maybe we’re learning a life lesson here. – No cause we’re not learning it this way. – Physically. – I’ll show you physical advantage. – Come on. – Whoa dude. – Fight fight fight fight – That was close. – What? – Yeah. – No way. Come on. – Get in the box. – Pickin’ on the big one. – I didn’t hit him that hard. – That was the most pixelized
fight I’ve ever seen. – Kay USA we’ve gotta score here. – Alright here we go. – Yes. – Oh going behind the goal. – Come here. – He’s to slow. – Nah – No – Oh skinny guy misses it. – Where’s the foul there? – Go for it. – Off the post. – Alright there we go. – Come on. – Come on. – Come on Bubba – Go downtown. – Dude you barely touch
him and he falls over. – See we have a bunch of fat dudes and then more of really skinny – Oh get there get there get there. – Come on. – Oh yeah – No – You’re getting a one timer man – Come on. – Oh – What is goin’ on? – Oh I got an extra – I was just going to say
someone got a one up somewhere. – We’re like what. (cheering) – For the win baby. – Alright, here we go, here we go. – Come on come on for the face off. – Nice, nice. – Come on USA all the way. (cheering) – It’s all tied up. – The actually made the big guys slower. – That’s discrimination. – I just wanna see that. No. What just happened no. – Own goal. Almost. – Alright, alright, alright. – Here we go. – No. – No. – Dang he falls down every time you touch. – Dude you sneeze and he falls down. – Oh come on, you’ve got one minute guys. (cheering) – Yeah! – Poland you’re supposed
to be good at hockey. You’re like the best in the world. – Got the dream team. – Seriously, we’ve got like the
1980 hockey team right here. – I don’t what is here. – There we go. – This is a miracle on
ice ladies and gentlemen. – No where’s my guy? (cheering) – Nice. – What were you doin’? – Are you kinda controlling
the other players too? – Dude I have no idea – Hey we’ve got 30 seconds
left in the first period. – Kay – Here we go. – Come on come on – Oh it slid down. – no no no no (cheering) – No. – 17 seconds. – We can do this, we can
do this, we can do this. – I can’t lose this game – come on USA shoot (cheering) – Yes – The goalie didn’t even move. – That was like the
fasted goal in the world. All tied up. – You just got – I gotta do another one of these. – get in another fight or something – We got it right here, here we go. Oh no no no no no – Shoot it – get it get it get it – Oh what happened? – Oh that’s the end of the period. – Alright – Is that it? – What’s shoot? What’s pass? – Shoots b, pass is at a. – Kay no pressure – Ok there you go b b b b – No no no no – Nice block, nice block – Ah darn it got away from me. – How do I pass? – He was blinking orange. – Ok ok got ya got ya – Icing. – Icing? – What happened? – What is icing I don’t understand hockey. – That’s like off sides. – Somebody from Canada please
tell us what just happened. – Oh – Just get the big boy up there. You got the small guy. – I don’t know what I’m doin’. – Ok ok – Come on Mario. – Come on Mario ok now go go go no you oh – I’m figuring it out. (cheering) – Yes come on kay small Mario that was like the wimpiest slap shot I’ve ever seen in my life. – Alright there we go. – Come on tubs, come on tubs. (cheering) – That was great, that
was like really hard. That was really intense. – So much energy over this game. – Dude this is the game. – Come on tubs, come on tubs – No no, Mario no. (cheering) – How do you switch to the closest guy? – You hit a. – A, ok. – When you’re on defense. – Ok. – Dude I’m feeling good,
I’m feeling good right now. – Oh man this is not good. – Come on Carl dude you
gotta help our kind. – No no good good. – There you go. – Oh knockin’ my team. – I’m telling you you sneeze
on that guy he falls over. – I know this is terrible. (cheering) – It’s like he’s got curve ball. – Seven to four? Are you kidding me? – I don’t mess around
when it comes to hockey. – We got three minutes left. – One would say the dream team. – A bunch of fat polish people. – Oh knocking me over. – Play nice. – But they’re so slow. – It’s alright slap shot it,
again, again, again, no again. – No no, get outta my house. – Yeah get the big guy there you go. – No no ok wait ok. – Dude I think you’re getting
more intense with this game than you do with Call of Duty. – What a save, what a save, what a save! – Oh go behind the goal,
goin behind the goal. – Why am I – How does he block ’em all? (cheering) – Carl all I gotta say is
you better win this thing. – I suck. – We’ve got 49 seconds left
man, we’re down by four, you can still do it. I scored like three
points in half of that. – Dude if you come back, this is the true miracle on ice. (cheering) – It’s so unresponsive. – Oh man, why do I have
to rely on you to win? – Are you calling me a
loser Derrel, right now? – All I have to say is – You picked the team. – No. – From downtown. – Right there we go. – I’m getting sloppy now.
I can’t let the score (cheering) – Just do that like four more times. We’ll at least tie. – Here’s my comeback. – You got it you got it. – Nine seconds to score four goals. – You can do it, you can. – I know watch this. – Good. Right there. Sneeze. – Sneeze. – Aw that’s the end? – Is that it? – That’s game, that’s game. – Alrighty ladies and
gentlemen there you have it I, I think we all know
who the winner is tonight. – Yeah. – Go ahead Derral, go ahead Derral say it. – Listen – Go ahead Derral say it, say it – Listen – Say it Derral – I’ll say it. I suck. Alright – There’s a truth to that,
there’s a truth to that. – Hey you scored a goal from downtown. – That doesn’t mean anything. – Don’t take all the blame,
don’t take all the blame. – Carl we still love you and you’re still a part of the geekify gang. – So this is what you say Derral. It was a true fight tonight but ultimatly there was one winner. So go ahead and say that. – There was a true fight tonight but there was only one winner, Josh. – And Jared. Yay! That was awesome. I think hockey was a total win in my book – Oh it was a lot of fun until
I passed the thing to Carl. – Oh wait I’m not supposed
to hold it like this? – No you’re supposed to do it like this. – I’ve been playing with my
toes, I had it on the floor. – There’s nothing wrong with
the T-Rex way of playing. – Man. – Well I actually had fun. It was fun. It’s fun playing these old games, honest you guys, tell us
what you want us to play next put it in the comments below and also, we’re looking to expand our gang. We wanna take over the world, we want so many geekify gang members so let us know who you’d
like us to play with, and if it’s you put yourself
in the comments below. Because we are going to be
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