– Welcome to Duke, North Carolina. This is day one of basketball
camp, so Lincoln is out here. – Being tired. – You are super tired, with
his short buddy Easton. – Hi – Easton’s been in a lot of videos, the best one that he’s been in, is probably the Nerf video, where he decided to shoot me
in the groin with a Nerf gun. This is Lincoln’s second summer camp. He did BYU basketball camp a few weeks ago and we thought that we’d
change it up a little bit and come out here to coach Kay’s camp. I’m gonna show you guys what its like, we really don’t know yet we just arrived and let’s go see what
this camps all about. (hip hop music) – We have made it to the
Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke. – Duke. – At least they have the right colors. – Yeah, that’s yeah that’s good. (hip hop music) – Okay that’s a very
historic basketball court. This is coach Kay’s camp
and coach Kay has more wins than any other college basketball coach in the history of college basketball. They’re sitting in the
Connecticut team area, Yukon whatever I guess that’s
their team for the week. The good news is Lincoln and
Easton are on the same team. (hip hop music) – This was my 45th year as a head coach and my 40th year as the
head coach here at Duke. The very first thing to becoming better is the ability to listen,
okay and if you listen. You’ll have eye contact with
whoever’s talking to you. Basketball is a way of connecting, I help someone they do better. A teammate coach etc.
you make someone better. And when we connect and
we talk with one another we should always tell
each other the truth. (slow music) – Lincoln how’s it going so far? – Our whole team went the wrong way. – That’s good. – So now we’re lost. – Not off to a good start.
– No. – Yeah Lincoln’s team got lost, they went to the younger kid area. So now they’re gonna go
find their basketball, which one did they say you’re going to? – Wilson. – Wilson, Zack Wilson center. Here they go, I’m renaming
their team from Connecticut to the lost boys. All right the boys went to The Wilson Gym. That is also not the right gym. Now where are we headed? – We are going to a track. – Track. – I don’t know. – I don’t know but they’re lost again. – Yeah. – (laughs) Why didn’t you
just stay with your team? – Our whole team went this way. – Oh then where’s your whole team? – The whole team just
scattered throughout this gym and the gym back there. – You would never think
that’s the basketball arena right there, it just looks
like some office building. (hip hop music) – This is where I leave the
boys and I’m gonna go workout and then come back later
on to see their games where they actually play
their first couple of games. And they kind of assess the teams and from there they make a decision whether they’re going to keep
everybody on the same team or maybe switch the teams
up a little but to be fair. Right now Easton and Lincoln
are both on the same team and I hope it continues that way but there’s a chance they might get moved. So next thing you’ll see are some games. (hip hop music) – All right this is game one
and they’re actually playing their game on Cameron Indoor
Stadium which is pretty cool and it looks as though
the basketball hoops have been here since the sixties. They’re these wooden
ones that are on the side that say no jumping. Lincoln’s friend Easton is so tall. He’s like six foot two and
he’s even younger than Lincoln, he turned 13 in like March and he’s a really good ball player so this will be fun, I’ll try and get some good shots of these
guys playing. (hip hop music) – Well one of the kids on their
team that was tearing it up he hurt his ankle really bad. It was almost like Paul
George when he broke his leg. Ouch, I looked down for a
second I turned off the camera and then it happened, I’m
so glad I didn’t film it. So I think they’re calling
an ambulance right now. Gotta get this kid out of here, gotta get him too some good
medical care but, ouch. Coach Kay just came out and
told them about the situation and now he’s talking to the kid that fell. I’m honestly I’m surprised, like there’s no reason
why any of these kids should be playing ball against this wall. There’s like a hoop
and a wall right there. If Lincoln and Easton have to play on either one of these two courts where there’s no room behind the hoop. I’m gonna have to hold them out and not let them play
because that’s dangerous. That kid is a good athlete, anyway what looks like what
happened is he came down he stepped against the
wall and then somebody hit into it and it just
completely broke his bones, both of his bones in his leg. Everybody was supposed to meet in Cameron for the end of the day
competitions and fun things. The kid has been on the
ground for probably 45 minutes they have the paramedics
that have just showed up. They put an air cast, cut off his shoes, put an air cast on his leg. I, I need, yeah. I still
feel sick about it. I just feel so bad for him. – I got a rebound I
passed the ball up to him. He was sprinting with the fast break, he tried to make a lay
up, but he got fouled. But there’s a wall,
like there’s a sideline. – Stupidest wall I’ve ever seen. – There’s a sideline, this
is how big the sideline is and this is how much distance
there is until the wall. So he’s running, he’s
running and then got fouled. His foot like hit the
wall, like all funny. And then it like came
upwards and outwards. I saw the bone, whole circle of the bone and then his ankle turned
backwards the other direction. – Bleugh! (hip hop music) – It was crazy this morning. – What was? – That agility thing. – The agility thing at the track? – Yeah we did conditioning. – Outside
– On the track, in the heat. – Yeah. (laughter)
– This weather, it was crazy. – That’s good for you man. – I was sweating the most I ever have. – That’s good, how’s the free Gatorade? Taking advantage of that? – Free Gatorade it’s
amazing. It is amazing. – Look at this at Duke,
at least they know how to, they definitely know how to do the Gatorade drink station right. Did you see that, the injury happen? – Yeah their was a loud pop too. – He was out at the time,
I didn’t hear the pop. – Well yeah, that’s bad. – Stupid wall, so dumb. – That wall, like I can
see maybe in the forties when they built that wall. I remember before the game I
was like hey look at that hoop it’s like forty years
old or fifty years old and like that’s cute that’s nice, but I didn’t even think about
the wall that’s right there. – Oh yeah we ran into it so
many times during lay ups line The sideline, you could be like this when you’re passing it in, you could be like this,
this is how wide it is. – I know, we shouldn’t
keep talking about this but the one thing I thought
was interesting is that everybody ran as soon as they saw it and they were covering
their mouths and running and screaming, why were you running away? – I was not, I was like walking away, but I saw it and it’s just
like it made me nauseous it does not look right,
that’s how bad it was. – Did the coaches tell
you to go somewhere else? – No they didn’t say a word, we just all, everyone just, some people
were like sprinting. Like five kids were all
huddled in the corner like, other end, in the corner. – Yeah so next time if something
like happens to somebody, you can look away for a
second but you gotta go and help support people. – Yeah. – Take care of them,
make sure they’re okay. – At that point like the
coaches were all like running towards him and
like yelling for help. – Okay that’s fair. Okay that’s fair, that’s fair. (hip hop music)