yeah yeah I can’t get you outta my said
I think about you all the time I can’t get you said I think about you
this new rush 1v1 comes with a lot of competition and as you see here already
faced a 2k19 legend that was inside rest 1v1 Benjamin boy five six one
I also faced him in my rush 1v1 debut for this first event I try to go crazy
with a 92 overall you want that video please drop a like let’s go I get it
soon with this video right here but enjoy the clip if you want to mix
tape on my channel please drop a light or coming down below to let me know but
as you can see here the rest 1v1 it has to have centers but we still cook we
still kill eat you did by the way anyway clanking centers we all know what that
means in a 1v1 so stay tuned you did but you know we say we green up waiting down
you did here what’s up everybody it’s your boy
Ken nation here with another video today’s we show you a bro i’ma show you
I’m trying to get myself prepared for this 1v1 rush event now you’re all
watching this video thanks for watching today’s villarrica preciate the support
and the love but i got plenty of things to tell y’all to show y’all to even even
news that i heard and that’s what’s been going on for the past couple of days
alright so as you can see I can sauce and I can slam I’m a slashing playmaker
this bill is a pure demigod bill bro if you’ve seen all the badges I have
stacked on this player you will see the potential he will be at ninety nine
overall he’s only a 91 in this video with very less bad guys you see I have a
quick first up on all the fame but I have panels for days on bronze and some
other badges I did not have any event for the restaurant he won because I took
this time to see how I better play with this bill in a 1v1 scenario versus our
guard wise I know for a family go getting sentenced but I couldn’t get no
center with this when this lumpy one was out I can’t get no centers to play
against me but as you can see here you can watch the gameplay you can see what
I’m trying to do what I’m cooking up when I’m trying to show y’all so if
y’all want any of this gameplay don’t won’t see me running up in Park make
videos and some good content on that go ahead leave a like on today’s villain
comment down below let me know hash that know the game is well because anybody
this is what I’m starting new alright I still have the giveaways for people to
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giveaways for active no two gangs only because if you’ve been active on my
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that’s boosting on ps4 port boys sing y’all know y’all all heard of him he’s
been grinding he got a family he’s grinding for his family you all you can
do is respect the man’s grime you cannot hate or
anything he’s doing or try to manipulate any type of sorta weight but I respect
that man’s grind keep it up ground for your family ground field people
everything you gotta respect look we pulling up tools we can shoot as well
but if y’all go ahead and just be active on my channel watching my videos no
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for today if y’all do like this video appreciate y’all for watching it’s a
broadcast and I’m coming back with some bangers you did