I can’t wallow in the fact that
I don’t have arms and legs, because
there’s nothing that I could ever do
to change the outcome.
I like to have a challengeand be able to kind of
overcome that challenge.
It’s not weird that I go to the gym.Anybody can work out
if they want to.
If you just try something new,
you never know what could happen.
My parents found out that I was
going to be missing all of my limbs
once I was born.I can remember being a young kidand, you know, you get, like, staresor a lot of questionsor that sort of thing.I’m sure it maybe looked unique to
people, but for me it was normal
and it was the way
I always did things.
I have two older siblings,and I can remember playing outside
in the back yard, or…
We have a cottage in Chester
and we swam there and we boated,
we did all sorts of stuff.When I was really young, I wore
prosthetic arms and prosthetic legs.
I no longer wear prosthetic arms
for everyday use,
because I had a pair once
that just kept, like, breaking.
I started doing stuff without them
and realised that I could do
a lot of things faster or easier,
so I just kind of got used to it.
From a very young age,
I was swimming and learned to ski,
and I also started playing rugby
in high school.
That was the only one
that I continued on with
and I still play today.So we’re going to do some cleans,
some squats.
‘Lindsay was really great
and really easy to work with
‘because she’d just show up’with some chains or some hooksor some straps and say,
like, “Let’s try this.”
I’ve taken just regular equipment
and adapted it for myself.
So they make lifting hooks that just
help out with your grip strength.
I have, like, a whole bunch of
things that have to take place
in order for me to do cleans,but I like doing cleans
so it doesn’t seem like a chore.
My deadlift, one rep max, is 170.My squat is about 155.And my clean is 100lbs,
which is almost my body weight.
I’m definitely a competitive personand that’s why CrossFit appeals
to me more than, you know,
maybe some traditional gyms, is
because there’s local competitions
and there’s competitions all over
the world and all over the state,
so you can always be
kind of competing.
Even if you’re just competing
with yourself, there’s, like,
a clock on it, you’re trying to do
something as fast as possible.
I did a competition not too long ago
and it was great.
I contacted the gym ahead of time
to say, “Listen,
“I’m going to need a few
“Like, I won’t be able to do
all of the workouts
“exactly as they’re laid out.”And they also talked to the coaches
at my gym to say, “Is it fair?”
You know, you don’t want to have
an advantage over somebody else
because I’m scaling
the workouts down too much.
But that was very well received.I didn’t come first.
Maybe if I had come first,
maybe they’d have more things
to say!
But it was my first
formal competition,
so to come not last was great.It’s a very encouraging atmosphere.Even though
it’s a very competitive atmosphere,
there’s always people cheering
for each other.
Lindsay’s achievements have been
really, really great so far.
Over the last year,
she’s gone from not even having
a way to do pull-ups to now busting
out pull-ups one after the other.
Handstands, cleans,
Olympic weightlifting.
In terms of her attitude,
same as any other athlete –
she comes in and whines
and complains about
whatever the workout is
up on the board,
mopes around a little bit, doesn’t
want to get into the warm-up.
Right now, I’m really trying to
get to the gym
at least five times a week
and really focus on my nutrition.
So, I am trying to step up my game.A video of me doing a workout
kind of went viral, I’ll say.
It’s got, like, 7 million views
or something like that,
which was crazy. I did get a lot of
positive responses from that.
I do post videos of me doing things,
because it’s, like,
“I’m going to try this,“and maybe
that will motivate somebody
“in a similar situation
to try something.”
It seems like now I know
not to think that
she’s not going to be able to
do something.
She always sort of thought skipping
was something she would never do,
so she’d be disappointed,
and then she learned how to skip.
So she’s going to find a way to do
whatever she wants to do.
If I had been scared or thought,“Oh, it’s not for me,
there’s no way I can do this,”
my life would be so different.
I think it’s just kind of taking it
one day at a time,
trying to be proficient in as many
movements as I can and then
just kind of do competitions
as I want to.
As long as I’m still having fun
then I’m going to continue
to compete.
I think it’s really easy
once you get to know Lindsay
to completely forget
there’s any adaptations at all,
because she just goes after it
like anyone else.
She is an athlete and she pushes it
and she works hard every time,
and we’re all
super proud of her here.
I guess my main message
that I’m trying to kind of share
with people is to just try.You shouldn’t let the fear of
the unknown hold you back.
I always say, “Just try, just try.”Good job.