Okay, here we are with a game of human
ring toss. I don’t have anything more to say. Let’s get into the game. ERR! Aw, that was sick! (take my glasses off) (be careful not to hit the lamp) All right, back off a little bit. I’m gonna step over here; go back a little bit more…Okay *laugh* Oh, yeah! … Ooh, score!! It’s two to one… Ow! Three to one – I’m losing… Three to two! … *laugh* Oh, the cost of winning… (Are you okay?) I’m fine, I might have a black eye, but… Yeah, three to three! (laugh) .. Ah, and Joseph Levesque pulls ahead. All right, it’s – what is it? Like (four to four) … Yeah, four to four. Yeah, that counts. Five to four… All right, first person to get seven points wins; so it’s five to five… Oh!! All right, six to five.