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This is a Hula Hoop. Word of the Day. Both words of hula hoop start with the letter H. This is the capital H and that is a lower case and h. And H makes the sound of Hu Ha Ho hoop hula hoop. Lets watch some more hula Hoop for
Kids Woah! Look at how many hula hoops Rachel using
at once thats a lot of Hula hoops But the world record for the most hula hoops
at once is 107 WOAH! Thats a lot of hula hoops! Did you know the longest period of time someone has ever hula hoop without stopping is 74 hours and 54 minutes WOAH! Thats more than 3 days! And not only is hula hopping fun hula hooping is a great form of exercise, it burns about
500 calories an hour thats about the same as jogging! Blippi Blippi Blippi Woah! Hahahaha I was getting dizzy just watching
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