Alright, so now we’re getting pretty good
at rocking that torso. There’s a lot of fun things that you can do while torso hooping,
but you really need to make sure that you have momentum when doing these things. One
way to get momentum is, as I’m hooping to the left, I’m going to push with my left shoulder.
Push into the hoop to really get that hoop rocking because what we’re going to do now
is take this move down to the floor. So as I’m hooping, I’m going to bend my right knee,
drop down to my butt. Woo, you can see the hoop likes to fall. If that happens, you can
bring it to your neck, drop one shoulder in and the other, and there you are wrapping
the torso on your knees. If this starts to get weird or wonky, take your hand, lift the
hoop up, and then if you want you could lean back with the hoop in lasso or from lasso,
stand back up, take the hoop back to the torso and rock out here again. Once again from the
torso to take it down to the floor, bend your right knee, drop down to your left, get that
momentum going hooping around the chest. If you get tired, lift up then you can play with
the lasso down on the floor. Alright, go ahead and give that a shot.