In this clip we’re going to talk about conditioning
wood and the reason it’s important to condition wood, as part of your “How to stain wood”
series. Let’s take a look. Now when your staining a piece of soft wood such as Pine, as you
see here, it’s very important to condition the wood before you apply your stain. Now
as you can possibly see on this side, I have conditioned the wood and when I say conditioned,
what I’ve done is, I’ve taken this product, which is really it’s, they call it a sanding
sealer. This is essentially shellac. You can use just about any kind of shellac. What you
want to do is to mix about two parts of shellac with three parts of denatured alcohol. So
that’s what I’ve done. Using a combination of denatured alcohol and shellac, I’ve created
this little mix, which we call wood conditioner. So, let’s take a look at what wood conditioner
does for staining wood.